Meet  Cosmo (#3191).  He is that typical Golden that loves everyone and would follow a stranger home if allowed. Cosmo can be possessive of his humans and will push his big body in between his owner and the person/animal that is coming in between them so would do best as an only dog.  He’s not mean or aggressive, he just doesn’t like to share attention.

Cosmo’s ideal home would be with a single person or couple that are wanting only one dog and will make Cosmo the center of their world. Cosmo would love to be someone’s hiking buddy or go-everywhere-with-my-family kind of buddy. He loves carrying around as many toys as he can fit into his mouth, but will destroy soft toys if allowed to play with them without supervision

Aside from having bladder stones, Cosmo is the perfect golden in every way.  Having bladder stones mean that Cosmo needs to find that one lucky owner who will keep up with his medical needs to prevent future surgeries. He is great with kids and cats, but needs to be on a very strict diet with absolutely no table scraps, no counter surfing, no access to cat food, etc.  His prescription food is expensive, but he’s worth it.

Cosmo’s foster dad describes him as “beyond wonderful!”  If you meet Cosmo, you will probably agree.

Cosmo was adopted on May 16, 2019

Sex: Male
Age: 7 years
Weight: 88 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: 10+
Availability: ADOPTED