Brandy #3051


First of all, I am a boy, not a girl as the name, Brandy (#3051), might imply. My foster family calls me Brando or Jackson Brando, which I like because it is a cool name and it’s a boy’s name and I’m a good boy.

I am a very calm and mellow dog. I do like to talk sometimes, which is cute. I don’t bark much, though. And I am a happy dog!  My tail wags starting from the middle of my belly. I Iove to go on walks, get brushed and have my tummy scratched. I like chewies and playing with squeaky toys. I know how to mind too. I know sit, and I’m good at coming when I’m called.  I love to ride in the car, and will lay down, well-behaved in the back seat – you won’t even remember that I’m there.

I do OK with cats. You know the old saying – It takes two to chase; one to run and one to chase. If you don’t run – I won’t chase! I will eat your food, though- better put it where I can’t find it!

I can really bond with girl dogs. Sometimes, I don’t do so well with male dogs – maybe they are trying to play with my girl. However, I’m just fine by myself too!


I have the best manners ever. I do not jump up on counters, or stick my nose where it does not belong. I do not jump on the sofa or the bed, even when invited [how undignified]. I’m house trained and don’t chew on the wrong things.

I know that I can find my perfect home – and I’m hoping that can be with you!

Brandy was adopted o May 15, 2019


Sex: Male
Age: About 3 years
Weight: 65 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Female only; Cats: Yes, some; Kids: Unknown
Availability: ADOPTED