Hi everyone!  Boca (#3897) here. I’m a happy-go-lucky, easy going, nice to meet ya, all is well in the world kind of guy. Golden Lab mix they say, but my foster mom says “pure lovebug” best describes me with my big brown soulful eyes, super soft fuzzy ears and sweet as honey disposition. My story’s turned a bit sad lately though as my loving family of 10 yrs had to make the hard decision to rehome me due to circumstances beyond their control. I miss them terribly, but must move forward in the hopes of finding that new warm, loving home to spend my “retirement years” in. Could that be with you? I sure hope so! Here’s a bit of info rom my foster mom to give you more of my story:

Boca’s foster mom here. What can I say about this wonderful boy who’s been our houseguest for the past few weeks without sounding a bit braggy. A charmer who’s won the hearts of all he’s had a chance to meet, he truly loves his people and is just content to hang out with his pack.  Though Boca has recently celebrated his 10th birthday, in his heart and soul still believes he’s just a pup. Loves chasing balls, playing tug of war, short walks and will happily load up in the car for any adventure you care to take him on (sitting nicely with a seatbelt in the back seat). A recent vet visit did show mild arthritis in his right hip, likely causing him to be a bit slower getting up and down than he once was. Good news is that vet recommended Glucosamine supplements, along with maintaining a healthy weight, seems to have put a bit more pep back in his step lately.

Sweet Boca as mentioned wants to be wherever you are whether it’s leaning on your leg to have his soft head and ears stroked, chillaxing on the deck or in the yard, or watching you prep dinner (hoping a carrot may drop). He’s okay on his own as well, napping as he waits, but always ready to do a happy dance upon your return. His time with us has been pretty much a routine of eat, walk, nap, play, repeat. No doubt will happily adapt to whatever schedule he gets though, provided he’s feeling well loved along the way. 

This gentleman’s also settled in great with our pup pack, showing no jealousy or food/treat guarding so should do well either as an only dog or with doggy siblings. Cats are unknown, but can get pretty excited seeing fuzzy critters outdoors (the rare times he tugs a little harder, otherwise is great on a leash). May possibly be okay with a “dog savvy” cat and a mutual understanding? This sugar-faced guy will be a very loyal, loving, low maintenance companion for his happily ever after home. So, all in all, if you’re looking for a nice, gentle older soul in your pup quest, you’ve met your match with Mister Boca!


Sex: Male
Age: 8+ Years
Weight: 65-100 Pounds
Availability: MEETING A FAMILY
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? unknown
Good with Kids? yes