Bailey (#3821) is a large girl (93 pounds), with a big heart and a great smile.  We think she is a Great Pyrenees. She is doing well at her foster home and having fun with her foster siblings.  Bailey is about 1 1/2 years old.

Bailey loves to play with friendly dogs but can be a bit territorial when new dogs are coming to her house (it’s a Great Pyrenees thing), so adopters need to be aware and how to get her past it.  She does not like to be spoken to sharply (may have been some abuse in her past) but gentle corrections are fine.

She is a real cuddler, She loves to lay at your feet, cuddle on the couch, sleep beside the bed.  BUT, seems fine to be left for a time each day – no destruction.  She does really well in the car, hops in and lays down; at the Vet (they loved her there); and does well with the cats, she goes nose to nose with them with a happy tail.

She is an absolute fabulous girl but will need some gentle correction and training to stay off counters or
to learn what the expectations are in her new home. She is very sensitive and should not be corrected
sharply.  We wonder if she has been sharply corrected in the past as she cowers when voices are raised or she thinks she’s in trouble.

Are you the right person for this wonderful girl?



Sex: Female
Age: 0-2 Years
Weight: 65-100 Pounds
Availability: NOW
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? unknown
Good with Kids? unknown