We adopted Wally in January 2020 from his amazing foster family. We recently moved into our first house, and it wasn’t until Wally came and joined our family that it really started to feel like a home.  He is goofy and playful, sweet and gentle, and absolutely impossible not to love.

His favorites include: long walks on the trails and parks in our neighborhood, carrying around his stuffed animals, making new dog and people friends, and getting lots of pets.

He starts training classes this week, as we look to improve his leash skills to take him on even more hikes, runs, and adventures this summer.


He brings us joy, laughter, golden hair everywhere :), and of course lots of love.








Happy Holidays from Atlas (#3287), 5-years old, who came from China the day before Thanksgiving this year. Yes that’s me one healthy, happy, very loving, handsome (if I do say so myself) boy with lots of energy to spare. My foster mom says she is certain I have lived in a home before as I was totally comfortable from the minute I stepped into the house.

A very quick learner I am even if this “English” language stuff is very confusing and nothing like Chinese. Within an hour of being with my 2 foster sisters I have mastered both dog doors and love running out the one to the yard and back into the one to the garage — great fun and tricks them waiting for me at the other. I am very comfortable in a large wire crate as long as part of it is covered so I can feel safe. My “sit” command is pretty good, have learned these folks don’t appreciate me when I jump up on them so have figured out not to do that most of the time. Look at my gentle soft alluring brown eyes, hard to say no to, and am told I have the most gentle mouth this mom has ever had in a dog. Barking, only 3 times in 3 weeks so they are happy with that fact.

Riding in a car is really fun as there is so much to observe and noises there or in the house don’t seem to bother me. I have my favorite treats and am very patient waiting for them and have no trouble standing right next to the other 2 sisters as I know I will get my share. Eating and drinking are very normal for me so I don’t guzzle or try to steal from the others. Being familiar with people allows anyone to touch feet, mouth, ears or whatever they want and I am not offended in the least nor do I react. You can take things from my mouth, especially if you trade for a treat, but sometimes you might have to catch me first as I love to carry anything handy: shoes, blankets, clothes, but mostly toys.  I don’t chew or tear them up at all but need to learn not to take them outside as now there are “rain soaked” toys outside waiting for me to bring in and that doesn’t make anyone happy. Have had one bath and after getting me into the tub I totally enjoyed all the attention. You can leave me alone with my sisters (up to 5 hours) and I don’t destroy, chew or cause any grief as long as I have access to the doggy door, am a perfect gentleman.

I guess I have to tell you my “less liked qualities” even though I don’t think they are really that bad. My leash manners are getting better but there is so much to investigate and if I see a squirrel, cat, bird or something that moves I want to pull to go check it out. Foster mom was least happy with the fact I managed to find a partially eaten apple cake on the counter and helped myself, got scolded and haven’t tried that since. If you are holding food and not giving it right away be prepared for lots of “drool” on your pant leg so she keeps a napkin to wipe my face. I do get itchy and will scratch or chew on myself but not to the point of sores and so far they haven’t found a source.

FOSTER MOM:  Atlas is the best foster we have ever had and even house guests say he acts as if he has been here forever. Is fine with and loves people who come to visit. Has escaped out the front door so you have to be careful when moving. The other is, sometime in his past, is it obvious he was most likely struck as if you move to him. quickly or pick up something to carry towards him he will cower, duck or back up to get away. No aggression from him in regards to this just acts a little fearful. We have no cats nor children who visit so no info there other than when he saw some children he appeared to want to go play with them. Men appear to be his favorite and will follow my husband around but if he goes upstairs he will locate where I am and is happy to be there as well. One other thing noticed is at the beginning he is reluctant to stay in a smaller area even if you are there he will lie outside the door. The more comfortable he becomes that disappears.   Whomever is the lucky ones are to adopt him will find a loving, faithful companion who appears to love life to the fullest.

Atlas was adopted on January 5, 2020

Sex: Male
Age: 5 years
Weight: 60 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: ADOPTED