We are sad to report that we lost our beloved Ellie in December. We were very fortunate to have her come into our family in August of 2019, and she quickly became a special member of it. She was as sweet a dog as I have ever met, very friendly and easy to be around. She loved being around her people and her little Yorkie sister and small all American pup brother Milo. They would play all the time and even though she was a 90 pounder she was extremely gentle with them. She loved her walks and car rides and just fit in perfectly with us and we loved her. She also liked to sit on our daughter’s bed during the summer and watch the world go by outside the window.



She had been adopted as a pup by a fellow who took her everywhere with him even to work for the first 6 years and then he got married and had children and for some reason he decided he did not want her anymore. We had lost our last golden, Jake 6 months earlier and Golden Bond thought of us when she needed a new home and that was our great luck.

We miss her so much but treasure her time with us she was a truly special soul.