Please read the calendar rules closely before placing your bid:

This is the first calendar GBR has opened participation to all golden families, no matter where they live. The 2020 calendar is now residing in homes not only across the entire USA, in but many other countries as well, such as the UK, France, Israel, Australia, Russia to name a few. If you’d like your golden to be an “international star” join the fun and bid on the 2021 cover or one of the 2021 months.

  1. All goldens and golden mixes are eligible to be featured in the calendar no matter where they live.
  2. All Golden Bond Rescue adopted and foster dogs (even if not a golden) are eligible.
  3. Your golden or golden mix (including GBR adopted/foster non-goldens) must be the central focus of the submitted pictures, though other animals may be in the picture.
  4. The same dog may only be featured on one month. Let’s have a variety of dogs!
  5. No people allowed in the pictures.
  6. All photos must be sent digitally.
  7. All submitted photos must be in focus.
  8. All submitted photos must be taken in hi-resolution. Size should be at least  2400 x 3000 pixels.
  9. If pictures are not in focus or the resolution is too low, GBR has the right to ask for additional pictures.
  10. Winning dogs may be in costume.
  11. If your dog is featured in the calendar, you will be asked to submit a very short story about him/her.
  12. The calendar pages will be in landscape format so landscape pictures fit best.
  13. All winners will receive a free calendar and given the opportunity to order in advance additional calendars.

Note: The calendar picture above is only a sample. This will not be the cover design for the 2021 calendar.

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