Zoey #3254

Here’s Zoey (#3254).  Zoey arrived from China on October 23. She has a few medical concerns but overall is a healthy young lady. She has a lump on the inside of her leg that the doctor would like to monitor and recheck in 3 weeks. She has the typical golden “itchy scratchies” and is on antibiotics to help with some of the redness and sores she has on her legs and paws, although she really doesn’t  scratch and bite at them much at all so they should heal nicely. She is being treated for hookworm.

Zoey is a very sweet and loving dog who’s favorite activity is giving hugs and just tagging along with her family. She is a very active pup who can keep herself busy if given the right toys. She walks very well on the leash and is most excellent in the car.

Some of the sweet pups that come from China have a hard time adjusting to a life of unlimited food and toys and Zoey is showing some mild resource guarding issues, and She seems to guard affection too. Zoey’s foster family is working on this and understands that being in a home for the first time with 3 other Goldens is probably very overwhelming for her. They hope to see Zoey come out of her shell over the next few weeks.

Zoey was adopted on November 25, 2019

Sex: Female
Age: 1 year
Weight: 49 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: ADOPTED