Hi Everyone!

I’m Sunny (#3987), with a sweet disposition that surely matches my name I’m told. A nice, older Lab fellow (though young at heart), that’s just looking for a few good pats, belly rubs, and a comfy place to rest my soft, yellow head.

I’m a pretty good sized guy at 92 pounds, but my foster family is feeding me a healthy (yummy) diet and taking me on some great “sniff” walks to help get back the “svelte” figure of my younger years. The nice veterinarian I saw told me I’m doing great otherwise for a fellow of my vintage. Said he was very impressed even!

As is true of us all though I do have my “quirks”, but my foster mom likes to say this “just adds to my charm!” The main thing you should know about me is that I’m truly a “country boy” at heart. I was raised outdoors, likely following my owner around helping him with his daily chores. This is really my happy place and other situations still feel a bit like foreign territory. My foster family is working on showing me how nice the “great indoors” can be too though and am slowly getting used to the idea. Soft, cozy blankets/dog beds to sleep on are the best! I’m okay with hard floors, but carpets are still a mystery to me and I’ll walk around them at times. I’m very easy to please when it comes to toys though as I prefer just tugging on an old towel with my people over any fancy dog toy laying around. It’s really just playing with you that I like best, the toy doesn’t matter.

Being such a good, easygoing kind of guy I’ve managed to make friends well with the resident dogs here in my foster home and even did well with a cat that came to visit (just sniffed, no chasing). That being said, though I’d tolerate life with pet siblings, I’m really more of a people-oriented dog. Don’t have to see my favorite humans all the time, but boy does my tail wag when I do! Sunny here, happily warming up that tail until I find my new forever family. Until then, here’s a few more words from my foster mom:

Sunny is a typical, sweet, happy-go-lucky, large Yellow Lab who sadly lost his owner that passed away recently. It’s been obvious to us, even though being mostly an outdoor dog, he was well loved and cared for all the way from pup to senior. Very low maintenance and easy to have around, he just needs a safe place to land, people to love and help him continue to understand how great it is to be a somewhat spoiled inside doggy (especially given fall/winter weather coming soon!).




Sex: Male
Age: 8+ Years
Weight: 65-100 Pounds
Availability: MEETING A FAMILY
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? yes
Good with Kids? unknown