My name is Porter (#3840).  I am a super friendly and happy 45-pound Labrador Retriever.  I love food, chew toys and playing chase and play-biting with my foster brother.

I still act like a puppy.  I’m learning basic commands; my foster parents say I’m a quick learner and am food motivated.  I have learned to sit before coming in from outside, and I am learning stay, wait and leave it.  I’m improving everyday with my training.

I get excited and like to mouth and nibble on hands and sleeves. I’m learning no and leave it, but sometimes I forget.  I am getting better every day with learning my commands and routine.  My parents tell me how cute and beautiful I am all the time.  I have springs in my feet and jump high when I’m excited.  I’m a smiley puppy and sometimes I even smile when I sleep by showing my teeth.

I get very excited for meals.  I do a tippy tappy dance and have learned to sit and wait until my foster parents say it’s okay to eat.  I eat really fast and my foster parents take me out of the room and distract me until my foster brother is finished eating because he eats much slower than me.

I like to go for car rides.  I have been a little hesitant to get in the car, but once I’m in the back secured I enjoy the ride and watching all the scenery.  I have been on short and long car rides and am a super good and quiet passenger.

Since I’m a young dog, I am still learning I stay in a crate when no one is home.  My foster parents put a Kong filled with yummy treats in my crate and I go right in without any fuss.  I sleep on a dog bed at night and don’t make a peep or even move.  I love going for walks and am pretty good on a leash, although I pull a little.  With more practice and training I will get much better.

I am a very happy and friendly Lab who likes hanging out with and following my foster parents around.  I nap at their feet when they are working.  After work, I like to play with my foster brother, play fetch, play with chew toys and just have a good time.  I’m very eager to please so I will make a great family dog.


Sex: Male
Age: 0-2 Years
Weight: 45-65 Pounds
Availability: MEETING A FAMILY
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? unknown
Good with Kids? unknown