It is with great sorrow that on August 9, 2023, Perry crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Perry had been battling cancer for the last year and a half. That along with a combination of deteriorating physical health that greatly affected his quality of life, the difficult decision was made. Perry will be greatly missed as he was a great pet and companion. He was always excited to see us when we returned home. He loved his treats and the retriever that he was he was always carrying something around in his mouth. Though he was with us for only four years, Perry brought us an abundance of joy and happiness with his various antics.


 Thank you,

John & Beverly Przybylski


It has been about five weeks since Perry adopted us and came to his forever home. We have had so much fun getting to know each other and we feel our family is once again complete.


We continue to build on Perry’s good attributes, such as sitting, staying and laying down when told. He loves to be brushed and will sit or lay until we’re worn out. We’re working on some not-so-good behaviors such as going berserk every time he sees another dog, barking too often at every little outside noise, and pulling on the leash when walking. I think Perry is trying to tell us he needs some professional guidance, so we’ll look into that.

At home Perry is loveable and gentle and great to have around. He will gently take food from our hands when we give him a treat and sit patiently (sort of) for his dinner to be set down for him. He had some early interest in counter-surfing and even jumped up a couple of times, but quickly learned not to do that. Even at 7 years, Perry still loves to play and can easily be distracted by a hopping grasshopper or a flittering moth. He will chase his ball and bring it back, but giving it up isn’t easy. He will walk around with either the ball or his Kong dog toy in his mouth, teasing us to play.

Perry is a very good boy when we have to go out and leave him home alone. When we return, we love how he wags his whole back end in greeting, not just his tail. He would prefer to sit in the front seat when we go for a ride, but he is definitely getting better about riding in the back. Though Perry has determined that the front seat is fair-game if he we don’t take him with us when we leave the car.

Sandy and George are great Golden Bond Rescue foster parents. They have a loving and nurturing home and Perry blossomed in their tender care. We look forward to keeping them included in Perry’s life as much as they want.

We’re so lucky and grateful to have Perry in our home.



“Ni Hao” I am Perry (#3095), a handsome, lovable male golden from China.  Since my arrival in Oregon, life has been quite an adventure.  At first everything, language, food, smells, sights and sounds, was new to me so I was a bit cautious and tentative.  Now my confidence has grown, my tail is always wagging, and I realize this new world is a safe and fun place to be.

Some of my favorite things to do:

Explore the back yard.  I am really good at finding things like old balls or flat footballs.  I also like to watch the squirrels or birds in the trees.  My foster mom thinks I could be a good search and rescue dog because of my keen sense of smell.

Go for walks.  When my foster parents bring out the leash, I get excited and will sit patiently while they put on my harness.  Then I wait patiently at the door and wait to be told it’s okay to go outside.

Chase balls.  I can be a little obsessive and possessive with my balls and toys and love to play fetch.

Chew on toys.  My foster parents don’t let me have many toys because I can over love them until they are destroyed.  The best toys for me are Kong toys, old footballs, or anything else that is very durable.

Get brushed, massaged, or just petted.  I would be happy getting this kind of attention all day long.

Mealtime is the best, I love mealtime.  I currently get a full cup of dry food with a little water mixed with ½ can of wet food twice per day.

Treats, treats and more treats.  I love treats and sit very pretty and receive my treats softly.

Just relaxing and sleeping in the home with my foster family.

Notes from my foster mom:  Perry is a 78 pound, healthy, strong teddy bear who loves lots of adventure and affection.  We have been giving him one long walk in the early morning and play time in the afternoons.  Perry gets very excited if he sees a cat, dog, squirrel or deer while on a walk.  He will often bark, grumble or pull on the leash.  We have been working with him on this by talking to him in a calm voice and giving him tasty treats to calm and distract him.  He is also working on some basic commands like sit, down, stay, look and come.  Perry wants to please and is very responsive, especially when we have treats.  Perry has not been around any young children yet, but he did meet family ages 5, 7, and 10 and was just great.  They gave him lots of love and he was very good with them.  I think he would do fine with children as long as they give him lots of love and treated him well.  I feel he will do best in a calm environment, no other dogs in the home and a home without cats.  I would recommend a few one-on-one focused training sessions with a “positive rewards” trainer followed by a manners class.  I think patience and lots of love are also key.  Perry is truly a great dog who you will fall in love with very quickly.

Perry was adopted on July 6, 2019


Sex: Male
Age: 7 years
Weight: 78 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: No; Cats: No; Kids: 10+
Availability: ADOPTED