Perry #3095

“Ni Hao” I am Perry (#3095), a handsome, lovable 7 year old male golden from China.  I am currently living in Southern Oregon with my foster family. I have been here over three weeks and what an exciting and sometimes scary adventure it has been so far.  Everything is so new to me: the language, food, smells, sights, sounds and lots more. Sometimes I get a bit anxious when I see something new, like the other day my foster mom’s car was covered with snow. I didn’t know what it was so I barked at it.  One day I saw a hay bale on our walk which was also new to me. I approached it cautiously, sniffed it and realized there was nothing to be afraid of. Sometimes when I am on a walk and I see another dog, I get anxious and nervous so I might bark, grumble or pull on my leash.  My foster parents have been working with me on this so that I can be more comfortable around other dogs. They talk to me in a calm voice and give me tasty treats to distract me and help me not get upset.   There is so much to learn but my foster parents are very patient with me and have been teaching me some appropriate behaviors.

Some of my favorite things to do:

  • Explore the back yard. I am really good at finding things like old tennis balls or flat footballs.  I also like to watch the squirrels or birds in the trees. My foster mom thinks I could be a good search and rescue dog because of my keen sense of smell.
  • Go for walks.   When my foster parents bring out the leash, I get excited and will sit patiently while they put on my harness. Then I wait patiently at the door and wait to be told it’s ok to go outside. Sometimes I go on walks with my foster sister, Koda ( a 4 year old female golden). Other times my foster mom leaves Koda at home so we can do some focused training on our walks.
  • Chase balls.  I can be a little obsessive and possessive with tennis balls around Koda.  I want to get them before she does.
  • Chew on toys.  My foster parents don’t let me have many toys because I can over love them until they are destroyed.  The best toys for me are Kong toys, or old footballs, or anything else that is very durable.
  • Play with Koda. As we are getting more comfortable around each other, we are starting to play more.  The other day we had a fun little tug a war with a mud towel that my foster mom was trying to dry us off with. She didn’t think it was funny. But Koda and I sure did.
  • Get brushed, massaged, or just petted.  I would be happy getting this kind of attention all day long.
  • Just relaxing in the living room with my foster family. 

Notes from my foster momPerry is a big (85lb) healthy, teddy bear who loves lots of adventure and affection.  We have been giving him one 2+mile walk in the morning and as we can 1-3 shorter walks each day to help him lose weight, build stamina, work on his other dog anxiety, and just for his enjoyment.  He is always game for more!  We haven’t had him around any children but he did meet some teens one day who loved him up. I think he would do fine with children as long as they give him lots of love and treat him well.  Perry does seem to get anxious if he sees a cat while on a walk, I am not sure how he would do with a resident cat.  He gets along well with our 4 year old female golden but we put the time in initially to insure neither felt threatened by each other.  And we still don’t leave them alone together. We were told he didn’t do well with dominant males but I think this could change eventually if he had a loving family who could put the time into helping him work through his anxiety.  I would recommend a few one-on-one focused training sessions with a good dog trainer followed by an obedience class.  I think patience and lots of love are also key. Perry is a great dog who you will fall in love with very quickly.   He wants to please and is very responsive. Check out his Instragram Account (Perrydog3095) for more photos.

Perry is being fostered in the Ashland area.

Adoption fee: $500 plus $35 microchip fee


Sex: Male
Age: 7 years
Weight: 85 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Some; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Teens+
Availability: Now