Hi everybody!  I’m Max (#3906) a 7-year old, 62 pound golden boy and, according to my foster mom, I’m just about the best boy she has ever fostered.  Due to some difficult life circumstances, I was surrendered by my original family but I’ve landed in a good foster home which I really am thankful for because I was in need of help for some bad skin allergies.
I’m not very comfortable with public speaking, so I’m gonna let my foster mom fill you in about me.  Here’s what she has to say:
Max came to GBR with some major skin allergies.  A wonderful veterinary dermatologist figured out the right combination of food and medication to get him feeling well and he is finally ready to find his new forever home.  The vet thinks his allergies are mostly environmental and if he moves to a different climate (other than the Willamette Valley), it might be possible to change the combination of his meds and food later on.  Also due to his allergies, Max needs a weekly bath.  The good news is that he loves, loves baths!!    He likes other dogs, too, and is currently living with another dog in his foster home.  Max also lived with a cat buddy in his previous home.  Max met my 10- and 13-year old grandkids and was really happy to get their attention and lots of pets. 
Max is a really happy camper, a mellow dog who was well trained by his previous family.  He knows sit, stay, come, drop it, lay down, shake, wait, and a bunch more things.    He loves going for car rides, loves to go for walks, and is great doing either of them.  He really likes chewing Nylabones and deer antlers, and cuddling up to stuffy toys.  Sometimes he just gets so excited he decides to chew on the stuffies!  But he has NEVER chewed anything inappropriate like shoes or socks or anything else he shouldn’t chew.   He is very respectful when it comes to dinner time.  He always waits his turn and NEVER tries to steal the other dog’s food. He waits patiently for treats, takes them very nicely, and has never tried to counter-surf. 
Max’s only fault is that when he meets new people, he jumps up on them. We’re working on that together and once he gets to know someone, he won’t jump up at all.   In fact, if I’m gone for a while, he’ll bring me a toy as a “present” because he’s so happy when I return.   He is great being left at home alone and doesn’t get into any mischief when I’m gone.  It would be best not to leave him too long, though, because he really loves his people.  He is not a Velcro dog, but will follow me from room to room and then lay down by me and be content simply being nearby.    He will get up on the bed, but only if he is invited; the same is true with the other furniture in the house. 
Max is a very special boy and one of the best foster dogs I have ever had.   He doesn’t whine, cry, or bark for attention, but he will put his paw on my leg to let me know he’s there for me. He really deserves a forever home where he will be the center of his family’s attention and one which will give him all the love and affection every sweet, mellow boy deserves.  
Could it be you ?
Sex: Male
Age: 5-8 Years
Weight: 45-65 Pounds
Availability: MEETING A FAMILY
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? yes
Good with Kids? yes