We are Marilyn (#4087) and Gibbs (#4088). Our foster parents say we are “super sweet and cuddly”. We love the time we have spent with our foster parents. We love to snuggle, get petted, rubbed, scratched, and watch TV with our foster parents. The two of us are very bonded as we were littermates so have been together our entire lives. We love sleeping and snuggling with each other and do not like it when we are separated. It’s hard for us to believe that we are considered seniors because we feel young, get around well, and love to go for walks. We were raised in rural Montana and our foster parents do not think we were socialized with other dogs because we like to bark at all the dogs during our walks. Our foster parents tell us “no bark”, but we cannot help ourselves most of the time. We both tend to get agitated and snappy around other dogs, so our forever family needs to exercise caution if other dogs approach us or are nearby. We like people once they are introduced, though may bark at them on walks. We will thrive in a house where we get lots of attention, get to lounge on the furniture, and have daily walks with close monitoring around any new people/dogs.


Whoof! I am Gibbs and my foster mom says I am a gentle soul. My foster dad says I am a gentle giant for a golden, a huge (almost 100 pounds) couch potato and has nicknamed me “Moose”. My sister Marilyn is much more active than me and loves to play fetch and catch. I am mostly okay just watching her play with our foster mom and dad. My foster mom loves to give me hugs, kisses, and long brushing sessions for my itchy skin. My foster mom has learned I like my chin scratched when I wake up in the morning. I try to communicate with my foster mom and dad, but they do not always understand my language. I am very communicative; my foster mom thinks I make at least 20 different noises.

Hello! I am Marilyn! I like to watch my foster mom cook in the kitchen. She sometimes will give me a special treat while she is cooking! My foster mom and dad have been working with me on the “be nice” command when I take treats from their hands. I can get very excited about treats and have nipped their fingers a little bit. I mean no harm to them. I am learning, but still need to be reminded to “be nice”. My foster parents make us great breakfasts and dinners and my brother’s skin has improved a lot since we have been with our foster parents. My foster dad has taken great care of my toe that had to be amputated. I get around just fine without the toe. My favorite toys are a ball and my Busy Bee! I have very good eye mouth coordination and can catch my ball, Busy Bee, or treats in mid-air. My foster mom is sharing a video of me in action. My foster dad says I am a retriever in the truest sense of the word. I live to retrieve, will bring back my ball or toy, and drop it for you so you can throw it again for me.

Adoption fee for pair: $400 plus $70 microchip fee

Sex: Female
Age: 9 years
Weight: 65-100 Pounds
Availability: MEETING A FAMILY
Good with Dogs? unknown
Good with Cats? unknown
Good with Kids? unknown