Meet Lady (#3924), a resilient golden doodle with a heart of gold, seeking a forever home filled with love and understanding. Despite enduring a rough start to her life, Lady’s spirit remains unbroken, a testament to her indomitable resilience. It’s believed that she may have faced abuse in her past, leaving her skittish and anxious around humans. However, her gentle nature shines through, especially in the company of other dogs, where she finds solace and comfort in the warmth of a pack.

Lady’s journey toward healing is ongoing, with each day marked by small victories and moments of progress. Under the guidance of a trainer, she’s learning to trust humans again, taking tentative steps towards a brighter future. While she may initially be hesitant, her sweet demeanor and playful energy quickly emerge, revealing a dog full of potential and love to give. Lady is house trained and delights in outdoor adventures, yet she equally relishes quiet moments snuggled up indoors. She doesn’t demand much in terms of exercise but craves companionship and affection of other dogs.

In the right home, Lady’s transformation will continue to blossom, as she learns to open her heart to her new family. Despite her past traumas, her capacity for love shines through, as evidenced by her special bond with her foster’s husband. With patience, kindness, and a willingness to embrace her quirks, Lady promises to be a loyal and devoted companion, ready to embark on a new chapter of love and belonging.-

A word from GBR President Jill Groves: As with most other volunteers, I wear a few volunteer hats. One of those is being a foster family. Over the course of my fostering career, I have fostered dogs just like Lady. These (what I like to call scaredy dogs) pups rely heavily on their foster siblings and eventually their forever sibs. They learn through them, as Lady is doing, that a touch from a human can be gentle, pleasant and pleasing. There is nothing more rewarding than the first time they ask to be petted or give you a tentative lick on the arm. Helping Lady to relax and become a member of your family will not require a degree in rocket science, just common sense, love, and patience. If you want to meet Lady, reach out to How can anyone resist that face!



Sex: Female
Age: 2-5 Years
Weight: 45-65 Pounds
Availability: MEETING A FAMILY
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? unknown
Good with Kids? no