Drop and Give Me Ten!

By Nina, Editor in Chief of GarageGymBuilder.com

Whether you like to exercise or not, it's always better to have a training partner. If you are looking for someone to train with who will keep you motivated, your furry friend may be the solution! There is nothing more persuasive than a dog who wants you to get off the couch and take him out. Of all the ways dogs make our lives better and more beautiful, their need to be active is one of the greatest.

What is Dog Fitness?

It is a workout done in the company of your dog. It involves a run or a brisk walk, combined with a series of body weight exercises with some quality and functional fitness training equipment.  Your training session should not last more than an hour because it will be quite intense and demanding for both of you.

Which sport to choose?

The first thing to do is choose a sport to practice with your companion. Running and walking are the most common exercises, but there are many other possibilities. Consider swimming, stretching, cycling, bodybuilding, and doga (dog yoga). Mix it up! Varying the exercise you do will help both of you prevent muscle strain.


Swimming is an excellent exercise for dogs, especially if they have joint problems, and it is a “complete” sport for humans. Swimming will activate all of your muscles. If your dog doesn’t feel comfortable in the water, don’t force this exercise. Choose a different sport instead.


This is a fun bonding exercise for you and your dog. Tell your dog to stand opposite you, then take some weights and start doing squats. Each time you squat, have your dog sit down. Each time you stand, have her get up. Squats are a good starting exercise and are easy and fun to do.


This exercise may take a little more practice. Every time you do a lunge, have your dog run between your legs. To teach your pet to do this, take its favorite toy and guide your dog to where it should be running. It should take you no less than a day to perfect this exercise. After a while, your dog will know what to do without your guidance.

Push ups

To do this exercise together, you’ll need to teach your dog to give you high fives with alternating paws. Each time you do a pushup, extend your arm and have your dog touch your hand with its paw, changing hands each time. While our dog doesn’t have to work physically during this exercise, it needs to concentrate.


The quality time you spend with your dog doesn’t have to be limited to walks and lounging on the couch. Doga is a set of exercises that involves connecting with your dog through meditation, exercise, and yoga. It's great to be able to sit in sync with your pet on the mat or when your dog approaches you because you're completely calm. Then you can reach to your pet and start doing exercises or yoga poses together.

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