My name is Copper (#4095). I am still a puppy trying to learn how to be a model citizen and find my forever home. I am a big goofball, according to my foster mom. She says I am a bit of a troublemaker because I am so curious about the world around me, but I really just want to please her and make her proud of me.

I love my foster family and I am fitting right in with my foster sister (a Golden Retriever) and her cat. I love to run around in the yard and sniff everything in sight. I love to snuggle with my foster mom, too. I like to climb into her lap and curl up as tight as I can. I love pillows! Pillows on the coach and pillows on the bed! I love the company of my family and like to keep an eye on them. I am not aggressive, but I am a big boy with a big bark and will alert when I am scared. My foster family thinks I would do best in a home with another dog (or dogs) but as long as I have my peeps, I would do fine by myself, too. There is a neighbor dog that comes over and plays with sister and me in the back yard, and we have so much fun. Everyone is so nice to me here. Once I get to know you, we will be friends for life!

My host sister and I love to hang out on the porch and in the yard, and sometimes the kitty comes and joins us, but he never stays long. Speaking of the kitty, I do great with cats – I think they like me. My foster brother cat is a big tuxedo and I only sniffed him when we met and then we were cool. My foster brother likes to eat from my food dish, and I share with him – I don’t mind. He never eats much and we all share the same water bowl. My foster mom calls him Fat Boy because he likes to eat. I like Fat Boy, we get along fine. I would love to go to a home with a cat or two. I also think I would like to have a human brother or sister to hang out with – but I can be a bit much to handle, so they should probably be school-age.

My foster sister is trying to teach me how to play, but I haven’t quite got the hang of it. I like to run around the yard and explore. I like to chew on my bone, and sometimes I chew on sister’s stuffies, but they don’t interest me for long. I don’t mind being touched on my feet or my face, and I especially like my belly rubbed. I don’t mind when my foster mom has to take things away from me – I understand its probably something I am not suppose to have. My nose is my guide and I am constantly sniffing around for things to grab. I am very creative in getting into things that smell good – my foster mom has to put everything out of my reach. I am very food motivated and could easily learn new tricks with time and patience. I already know how to sit, stay, down, off and roll over. I like treats and I get so excited when Mom gives them to Sis and I when we come in. I know how to sit politely and wait my turn – I am still working on taking the treat softly.

I love snuggles, pets and kisses. I have great hearing and exceptional eye site. If I see or hear something, I will let my foster mom know. I like to look out the front window. I have run out the front door on occasion, but I never go far. I just run around like a big goofball, sniffing and checking everything out. But as soon as my foster mom calls me, I know its time to come back in the house. After all, I need to keep an eye on my foster family. I am not sure they can get along without me. When I need to go potty, I sit politely by the back slider and whine a little. If my foster mom doesn’t hear me, I give a single bark. It never takes long – I do my business and hurry back. I know they miss me when I am gone. I have not had a single potty accident in the house. When I am in the backyard, I like to go potty behind the arborvitaes trees where its private. And, of course, I have to mark everywhere my foster sis has marked.

My foster sister eats faster than I do but she patiently waits for me to get done so we can go outside together. At first, I wouldn’t eat all my breakfast at once, but once I figured out I had a narrow window during which I should eat my meals, I started eating them all at once. When dinner is over, my foster mom puts my bowl away so my foster sis can’t lick it when I am not looking. (Sis has lots of allergies.)

I love to go for walks. As soon as I see my lead, I get a bit impatient but only because I am so happy to be going somewhere I can sniff new smells. I like to smell everything and take time to enjoy the scenery, but I am in a hurry to get to the next tree or bush. I think I would like to go for runs, too – I think I could learn to be a good running companion. I like car rides and have no issues in the back seat, looking out the window or taking a nap. I love when company comes over to see me – I get excited and make sure they get a good opportunity to pet me and say hello.

Please come see me! I can’t wait to find my forever family. I am a big, sweet boy that needs love and understanding. I get along with everybody, and would be a great addition to a family. I really need someone or some family to love me. I am still a puppy at heart, I want to learn, and most importantly become part of a family.  Give me a chance and I will show you how good I can be!


Sex: Male
Age: 1 1/2 years
Weight: 65-100 Pounds
Availability: MEETING A FAMILY
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? yes
Good with Kids? yes