These gorgeous 2 1/2-year old littermates are Cedar (#4017) left and Cypress (#4018) right.  Both are yellow Labrador Retrievers.  They came to Golden Bond Rescue extremely overweight after a period of being kenneled outside without much activity. They have an intermittent history of jumping, but are easily redirected and quickly learning to remain calm around strangers.

The Boys (as their foster mom calls them) are a very closely bonded pair. It would be a shame to separate them now that they’ve been together for almost three years. Cypress (the smaller one) is more dependant on Cedar, but Cedar will still look for Cy if he’s walked into another room.

A few words from the Foster Mom: As their foster mom, let me tell you what I’ve learned about their behavior. Yes, they are extremely large, not just in weight but in height as well. Cedar is currently 126 lbs and needs to lose 31 pounds. Cypress is not quite so large at 105 lbs and needs to lose 15 lbs. When wrestling, especially outside, they play very hard so when I’m playing fetch with them, I make sure I have my feet firmly planted. Neither one have run into me but to be on the safe side, I want to know where they are when running. They’re favorite toy is an old flexible frisbee they love to fetch, then chase each other around the yard with it. Both of them like toys and will tear out stuffing and squeakers quickly; however, if a toy does not have stuffing or squeakers, they just play with the toys. They both like to chew on Kongs.

The only command they know is “sit” but they do have pretty good recall as well. Although they are quite large, their foster home is very small and they don’t seem to take up that much indoor realestate. They each have a dog bed in the livingroom which they switch back and forth, plus they like sleeping on the sofa together. Late at night when everything is quiet, The Boys will be sleeping on their backs and Cedar will be snoring.

During the past year of their lives, they were kept in an outdoor kennel with little to no excerise and too much food, which led to them being FAT. Also, their owner did not train them to walk well on leash. Because of their size and ignorance of proper leash walking, it is difficult to walk them together without being pulled quickly down the street. They can be walked together (they will panic if not walked together) if there are two people and The Boys are walking side-by-side. With patient training, they will be ideal walking and hiking partners.

They grew up around other dogs, cats and kids. When The Boys first came to foster care, they jumped on me terribly but now they have settled down and when a new person comes into the home, I put my hand out and say “Hey now, don’t you jump” in a low tone and they seem to understand. When I come back to the house after being away and let them out of their indoor kennel, they no longer jump on me.

These boys are so sincerely sweet. They are the typical love-sponge labs. If you like a kissing dog – Cedar will oblige. If you don’t want a kiss, Cypress is the one for you. They both love to have you hold a paw and will flop a big paw on your leg to get your attention. And hey, they don’t counter surf!!!

I know two dogs, let alone two very large dogs, is a lot to take on but these boys are special and they deserve a special home that will love them and give them another chance at a forever home together. A bonus is that they come with a long AKC pedigree, which you will receive.

If you have questions or think you’d like to meet The Boys, contact your assigned Adoption Manager or email I’m confident once you meet them and spend 15 minutes getting to know them, you’ll fall for the pair.


Below are two videos of The Boys playing.

Sex: Male
Age: 2.5 years
Weight: 100+ Pounds
Availability: MEETING A FAMILY
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? yes
Good with Kids? yes