My name is Bandit (GBR #3917) and I’m a 6-year old male silver Labrador Retriever. I just weighed in at 76 pounds. Silver labs get a fancy stripe down their back, which you can see displayed on me, but also tend to have some hair loss issues, which unfortunately I also have on my sides and belly. However, I am a happy boy! I love physical affection and would gladly rest my head on your leg at all times. I am on Apoquel for allergies that make my skin itch, which is likely only seasonal. Apoquel is a big help– I don’t itch at all when I’m on it.

Cats don’t bother me– I grew up with one and my foster family has one and I’m pretty indifferent to them. I also grew up with kids in my family, and my former owner reports that I did great with kids. I am very well behaved in the house. My foster family hasn’t seen me have any accidents or chew anything inappropriately, other than a couple of cat toys, but they look like my toys so I don’t think that counts.

Food and treats are my favorite and I will do anything for a treat. I’m great at sitting and “paw” (shake) and I’m ok on a leash, although I do pull a bit when I’m excited. I respond very well to minor leash corrections. The only thing that gets me really riled up is when a crow lands in my yard. I have to bark to scare them away and I very much want to chase them. I also respond to squirrels and smaller birds, but it’s not nearly as dramatic.

I would do well in a medium to high activity family, although I can certainly chill during the day while my humans are at work if I need to. I enjoy jogging and would likely love a good hike. I would be happy in a home with or without another dog companion. With other dogs I am submissive but I like to play if they are willing. I am very much looking forward to finding my forever home!


Sex: Male
Age: 5-8 Years
Weight: 65-100 Pounds
Availability: MEETING A FAMILY
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? yes
Good with Kids? yes