Hi All! My name is Penny (#4020). I’m a very sweet, playful, loving two-year old Labrador Retriever-mix girl. What I’m mixed with is a bit of a mystery it seems, but it’s all come together quite well in a cute 49-pound (or so) package says my foster mom. Along with my awesome yellow Lab part, suspicions are I could be part herding type . An adorable package in the looks department, but it does have its Pros and Cons otherwise.

The Pros: I’m very fast, agile and smart (jogging partner or agility training anyone?).  My coat is short, sleek and soft. Easy care, lower shed volume, less dust bunnies. I’ve got the cutest ears that flop up and down as I walk looking as if I’m about to take flight.  I’m really sweet around the house, and even though they say I’m only 2-years old, I’m pretty mellow much of the time when things are mellow around the house.

The Cons: I tend to try to “herd” other dogs I play with, licking faces and nipping at heels. While some pups may think this is fun, for others it could be a bit too much. Consensus is I would likely do best either as an “only dog” or possibly with a sibling who’s very laid-back and understanding about these things. Cats may not be safe in my vicinity either as, though I’ve not met an indoor one, the outdoor ones do get me excited for the chase (no malicious intent, just natural instincts setting in).

I love going on walks.  I am strong. I need to have a harness on when you take me on walks because I am an assertive sniffer, and I do pull pretty hard when I want to check out a squirrel. It’ll be important for my adoptive parents to be strong when it comes to walking me!

Sex: Female
Age: 2 years
Weight: 45-65 Pounds
Availability: MEETING A FAMILY
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? unknown
Good with Kids? unknown