Hi, we’re Kate (#4036) and Duke (#4037) littermates born Feb. 20, 2015. Although we’re 9 years old we’re as energetic as much, much younger dogs. We’ve lived together all our lives and need to be adopted together.

The two photos to the left are of Kate.

The two photos to the right are of Duke.

We’re joined at the hip. One does something, the other follows. We love to roughhouse and growl
together. We’ll keep you amused with our goofy antics. We can be rambunctious but settle down and we will
contentedly chew on bones or toys while you read or watch TV in the evening.
We are a joy to be around if you are not a cat. We chase cats.
From Kate: Duke is a talker and has quite a vocabulary of sounds. He even talks in his sleep and has
woken himself up. Boy, was he embarrassed!
From Duke: I like toys and will carry two or more at a time in my mouth. Kate prefers balls. The other day,
she had two balls in her mouth, front to back, not side by side.
We know our commands: sit, stay (as long as 5 seconds), no and come. We immediately come when
called. We would benefit from daily walks and room to run. We could use practice on heeling on a leash.
We pull hard on a regular leash and could knock you off your feet. Kate walks fine on a Gentle Leader.
Duke tries to shake it off but heels, especially if sung to while walking. Perhaps a no-pull harness would
be good to try on us!
Because we are so energetic, commands need to be in a stern voice. Say our names first to get our
attention. We get excited easily. But our beautiful deep red, tight curly fur doesn’t shed as much as other
Children would be fine. We enjoy lots of affection and interaction. We like to play with other dogs our
size. We weigh around 60lbs each.


Additional photos of Kate and Duke:



Sex: Female
Age: 9 years
Availability: Now
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? no
Good with Kids? yes