Irish2What do you say about a pet that comes into your life when you didn’t expect it?  After mourning the loss of our beloved golden retriever a year ago, we never thought another dog could come into our life and make us as happy as we had been.  But, we had to try – our house without a golden retriever is a lonely place.  We submitted our adoption profile and was told immediately it would be a very long wait due to a shortage of goldens and so many applicants.  That was OK, we were willing.  Then, out of the blue, we got a call saying there was a dog who needed just the right home.  His owner had died and he had never been really socialized, living in a trailer.  His name was Irish and he was a 6 year old male who exhibited high anxiety and was not doing well in some foster homes with other dogs.  We knew Irish needed us and we needed him.  Being retired we had the time and commitment to bring Irish back to a loving, socialized and calm existence.  Yes, oh yes we were eager to accept the foster-to-adopt program and bring Irish to our home. It just happened that day was March 17, 2016, St. Patrick’s Day – it was meant to be with a name like Irish.

Our Golden Bond contact for Irish, Jody, was more than committed to making sure Irish was put in a good home. She had obviously grown very attached to him and wanted to make sure it was a good fit.  The day she brought him to our home, he immediately came to us, tail in the air wagging at broad speed, a smile on his face and excitement galore.  We had found our new family member.  From the day we got Irish we could hardly wait for 2 weeks to finally adopt him.  On April 3, 2016 he became a permanent member of our family.  He has given us hours of joy and companionship already and it seems as if he has always been with us.  Taking him places like the beach, the farm to run, long walks, car rides seems like all new adventures for him and he loves it. Irish

We have never experienced such a common companionship bond as with Irish.  We need him as much as he needs us – our home is happy and alive with love.

What do you say about a pet that comes into your life when you didn’t expect it?  You say THANK YOU GOLDEN BOND RESCUE for finding us Irish!

Irish was adopted on April 3, 2016