They named me Gang (#4049), and boy would I love to be part of yours!  It’s a common name in South Korea, where I arrived from on February 28th.  These last couple of weeks have been so awesome for me while I’ve gotten to know my foster family and their resident dogs.

I am an incredibly sweet, super smart and happy Labrador male.  I was born in November 2021, which puts me at almost 2 ½ years old, and weigh about 65 pounds.  I am such a quick learner, and have already identified how to ask to go outside to go potty, how to wait for meals (boy, I love food!!) and easily go in my crate and stay the night, or if you have to leave for a couple of hours.  I sleep through the night, but prefer my crate to be close to my human, especially while I am getting used to things.  My foster people have been very impressed that I’m pretty good about heeling on my walks, and that I am not reactive to leashes, other animals, or humans while out. Even when encountering kitties unexpectedly, I wasn’t fazed at all.

I know a few basic commands, and bet I’ll easily pick up more if you’ll work with me!  I get along awesome with my foster siblings (a German Shepherd and another Labrador) and love to play and hang out together.  I like other boy and girl dogs, and would probably be great in a house with animals. That said, I love my human.  If nothing else is going on, I am most content to be near you.  I think the only thing I love more than food is affection, and if you’ll let me, I would be happiest to just cuddle up to you.   I don’t think I’m a “Velcro” dog like they say, but really, I’m happiest in your presence.

While a lot of things are very new to me in America, I haven’t exhibited any weird anxieties or get bothered by much. I’m not bothered by the vacuum, the lawn mower or even the dishwasher.  I love to go for rides in the car and travel very well.  I do need a good fenced yard and leashed when out and about.  I don’t bark often, but have a big voice when I do. I haven’t exhibited a habit of excessive chewing, but I have gotten a couple of small items.  My fosters have helped ensure I have lots of toys and get exercise, and they also keep their closets closed for now.

I will thrive with a human who can spend more time teaching me, is patient and consistent, and wants a loving, fun dog in their life!  If this kind of relationship you’re looking for, I’d love to get to know you!

Adoption fee: $800 plus $35 microchip fee


Sex: Male
Age: 2.5 years
Weight: 65-100 Pounds
Availability: MEETING A FAMILY
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? unknown
Good with Kids? unknown