By Sarah Jones

Ashley first came to Golden Bond Rescue (GBR) as “Ladie Sadie” from a farm in Southern Oregon. Up to that point, her days were spent tied up in the backyard with little food, water, or love. Understandably, she would escape her neglectful circumstances and chase the horses on the farm.

GBR gave Ashley a second chance at a better life.

She was adopted in 2008 at 2 years and 3 months old. A healthy adult female golden should weigh around 70 pounds, but Ashley was only 56 pounds. Because of her previous neglect, she was a ravenous eater. During her first week in her new home, Ashley’s family took her out to the drag strip and she stole a German sausage on a bun directly out of a man’s hands and gulped it down! Luckily the man just laughed and said that she obviously needed it more than he did.

It took a little time for Ashley to learn that she was in her forever home and that she was safe. At first she still exhibited signs of nervousness and being unsettled. She would be friendly to a dog and play with them, then the next time they would get in a fight. On the first fourth of July she spent with her family, they took her to a parade and she reacted dramatically when the horses came by. Luckily, it was easy to reassure her and let her know she was safe.

Dogs are incredibly resilient, and goldens just want to love and be loved. Thankfully, Ashley is no different. After a short amount of time, she realized she was in her forever home. She became and remains loving to everyone, and is no longer bothered by any type of animal. She’s even become a big sister to a full-sized wire-haired terrier (Morgan) and wire-haired dachshund. She raised them, loves them, and totes on them constantly.

On March 20, 2020, Ashley’s family celebrated her 14th birthday. From her mama: “Ashley totally warms our hearts with love. Every time I walk by her, I have to stop to say hi and pet her. She gets a huge smile on her face, wags her tail, and shares her heart unconditionally. I can’t imagine life without her. She adopted us! She saved us! She is the true miracle in our pack.”

Golden Bond Rescue is dedicated to improving the lives of Golden Retrievers. Ashley’s is one of 3,000+ success stories. See more here:



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