Lenny’s Story

On occasion, our wonderful organization receives a dog that for one reason or another takes a little longer to adopt out to a permanent home. Many factors – from how a dog looks to personality quirks – can prevent a potential adopter from reaching out and committing to one of our amazing dogs. Often we are left scratching our heads saying, “Why isn’t this sweet dog, with all these remarkable qualities, being adopted?”

Lenny’s story is one of these special cases. Lenny is certainly handsome and has a little kink in his tail that gives him character. So what is it about him that has kept him from finding the perfect home?

Lenny came to us from Shanghai, China. Rescued on September 1, 2017, he came to GBR’s adoption program in December of that same year. His China rescuers named him “Lele” which means “happiness” in Chinese. They told us he was happy, maybe a little high-energy, but also “smiley-full of sunshine, loves everyone, fetches balls and frisbees, is very playful, and is always excited to meet someone new” – so excited that he jumped up on people when he first met them. Nothing a little training cannot fix! The rescuers told us he got along with most dogs, but had issues with other males. For whatever reason, Lenny’s journey since his arrival from China has taken almost two years.

When Lenny first arrived from China

This is his story:

When we welcomed Lenny into the GBR family, he spent a full month at a veterinary hospital. He had a serious wound on one leg that resulted in a big scar. He also has a bent – not cropped – “tail with an attitude.” that wags in a cute floppy way. He is a bit protective of his backside, which leads us to believe he was injured at some point.

First Foster Home

After his long month at the veterinary hospital, Lenny lived in a foster home with three other goldens. The first three weeks were “golden,” and they all got along. However, for some reason, the pack life became too much for Lenny and we realized that he might do better in a home without other dogs. Without knowing more about Lenny’s history including his experience with other dogs, GBR decided that some time with a trainer could teach him the basics and provide guidance and structure to help him feel safe and not fearful.

Off to Charlton Kennels

A few months after Lenny arrived from China Lenny was introduced to the great folks at Charlton Kennels, which is located on beautiful Sauvie Island. He spent nearly a year there working with trainer Dan Butcher, who said Lenny was a great dog. Lenny worked hard on obedience and reactive dog training and made amazing progress to get ready for his new forever family – wherever they were.

Second Foster Home and Wonderful Foster Mom

In November 2018, Lenny moved to a new GBR foster home with Susan, one of our experienced fosters. We wanted him to have an opportunity to be in a home setting, get comfortable with a routine, and then find a forever home with an appropriate adopter. Susan has worked with him on being less reactive, especially on walks where he can get excited when he sees another dog. As you can see from the photos, he has been well cared for (up on that couch?), and his foster mom has taken him to training classes and given him lots of love.

Susan is a great example of the amazing volunteers who make Golden Bond Rescue so successful in placing dogs in need with great families. I am sure there are times when Susan asks herself, “What am I going to do with this energetic dog?” However, she has not given up on Lenny! While she could have passed him off to another foster, she has stayed with him. Thank you so much, Susan, for watching over this sweet boy.

Foster Home With Susan

Lenny’s Wish List For A Prospective Forever Home

Lenny has many wonderful traits (friendly, loves to snuggle, likes his belly rubbed, is energetic), but what kind of person will make him happy?

  • Someone who needs a solid companion
  • Someone who wants unconditional love
  • Someone who can spend lots of time with him
  • Someone who has no other dogs
  • Some with experience with dogs who react when they see other dogs (on leash, walking by the house, etc.)
  • Someone with room for Lenny to run, outside the city, on a farm or acreage
  • Someone who is active and can give him the exercise he needs

After many years of training, constant reassurance from his foster mom, lounging in the window posing for the next issue of Modern Dog Magazine, and lots of love, Lenny is ready for his special person.

Lenny is only three years old and has many energetic years ahead to spend in the outdoors running, camping, hiking or just being a part of everything you are doing. He needs to be surrounded by loving people and in a home with no other dogs. We will continue to wait for the right home for Lenny because we love him and want his next home to be his final home. What more can you ask of a future best friend?!

Note: To everyone reading this story, please tell all your friends, co-workers and family about this great dog and help us find him a new home. Lenny will make a wonderful friend for someone with dog experience who is willing to continue with positive reinforcement and training.









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