Hello Golden Bond Rescue!

Today marks one year since we welcomed Chris 3645, now called Cooper, into our home and our lives, so I wanted to give you an update.

He is the sweetest, happiest, most loving boy. From day 1 we felt like we’d won the rescue dog lottery. He’s super friendly with all creatures great and small.

His daily routine includes 3 neighborhood walks and multiple sessions of fetch. He spends most days with Noah who works from home. Once a week he comes to the office with me where he is in heaven with all of the pets from different people coming through the office. High quality meals are served promptly at 7am and 7pm. Belly rubs hour is from 8-10pm while the humans watch TV. If we are late on this, he lets us know.


He loves going on errands, he loves breweries, and trips to town for a walk at our local marine parks. He also loves excursions in our camper van. We think it’s because we’re all together as much as it is him enjoying nature. He likes to be underfoot while I’m cooking so we’ve adapted to cooking around & over him in our small kitchen. He stores all of his tennis balls under the couch then requests help retrieving them to go play fetch. He has a Barkbox “super chewer” subscription that sends him new, fun treats and toys every month. He knows the box is for him and gets really excited each time it arrives.

He is dainty and does not like water, won’t even step in a puddle. Which is an interesting lifestyle choice for a Labrador, and makes us laugh every time.

He’s getting along with our two outdoor cats Chairman Meow and Jean Claw Van Damme pretty well. They’ve reached an agreement that works for them. We aren’t quite ready to pose for “best friends” calendar shots or anything but they are doing great. 😉


Attached are some photos from the past year, though it was difficult to pick just a few. Please feel free to share with other team members or on social media.

We are so grateful to the team at Golden Bond for rescuing him and trusting us with his care. He’s a beautiful soul, and without your hard work the world could have lost him. We’re so happy that we have the privilege of giving him his best life.


Christy and Noah