Since 1991, Golden Bond Rescue has been proud of the fact that it has managed to rescue goldens with a staff of 100% volunteers – no one gets paid. That changed this Fall when GBR volunteers met 16 goldens at LAX who flew in from Beijing, China with the aid of volunteers from No Dogs Left Behind. We drove from Portland to LA as 100% volunteers but returned with a paid employee. LouLou (now named Goldie Bond), stole the hearts of everyone on that trip. Short in stature with a huge personality, Goldie spent most of her schmoosing us while lying upside down in one of our laps.

We can only guess as to Goldie’s beginnings because she was taken off a meat truck on its way to a slaughterhouse. We assume she was a breeder golden who, once no longer breedable, was sold to a slaughterhouse. Goldie has a cigar-shaped body with a low drooping belly, the hallmark of a breeder female.

All our rescue goldens are gems but there are those few who sparkle just a bit brighter than the others. A plan was hatched to hire Goldie as the first paid Golden Bond Rescue employee. Negotiations were rough and spirited but by the time we arrived in Portland, her employment contract was signed. Goldie agreed to become GBR’s community ambassadog for the steep price of two meals a day, treats, weekly baths, daily brushing and complete medical and dental coverage.

Goldie’s duties will include attending Meet & Greets, community walks, school outreach programs and service club programs. Our hope is that GBR, with Goldie’s help, can educate the public on responsible pet ownership and the plight of goldens in Asia.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest and would like Goldie to come visit your service club or public school, please let us know by emailing


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