Zoey 2613b croppedHi, Everyone!  I’m Zoey (#2613), a gal who LOVES the guys – not canine guys, I love male humans. Of course, I’ll enjoy attention from women, too, but I’m just drawn to men. Kids are okay if they know how to behave around nervous dogs. Other dogs – not so much. My ideal home would find me being the only pet ‘cause I think that birds, squirrels and cats were meant for dinner – or lunch or breakfast. Also because I’m a nervous type, I’d like a nice quiet, peaceful, predictable home. However, I do love to go on car rides and I’m a quiet rider.

Being 8 years old (or so – a gal never tells), I have trouble with my hips – a bit of dysplasia and more than a touch of arthritis. I take medication so I can get up and down comfortably. However, I have no trouble with stairs or with taking my much loved daily walks. We just don’t go for more than a mile.

The other thing is, I have a very tender tummy. Mom has to be so careful to feed me only my special food. Treats make me unpleasant to be around and to clean up after outside. How embarrassing!

I really want to spend all my time with my person. I love being petted and I’m pretty good at the nose flip thing to remind you to pet me! That must be the Golden in me. I’m also part something else, but mom never mentioned what that other part is.

Being a girlie girl I enjoy taking a bath and don’t mind getting my nails trimmed. If you like to fuss over me brushing my so soft fur, I’ll be in heaven. If you do have to leave me home for a few hours, my house manners are excellent! I’ve never ever pottied in my foster mom’s house. I only ever snitched food off the table once.Zoey2613c

A word from Zoey’s foster mom:  Zoey would like nothing better than finding a home of her own where she can be the center of someone’s life. She would be totally happy in fact she would prefer to be an “only” dog.

Adoption fee:  $200 plus $35 microchip fee

Sex: Female
Age: 8 - 10 years
Weight: 46 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Maybe; Cats: No; Kids: No
Availability: Now