Toby GBR Ziren is doing very well. We have an almost 5 year old female named Violet
and they have become best buddies. It took Violet a few days to accept not being an only dog,
but they now are inseparable. He loves to run. He and Violet do zoomies frequently.

Toby appears to have had a home and maybe a little training in his past. He knew to sit down for food and treats pretty much from the start. He gives you his paw if you put your hand up and tell him to Wait. We only had one indoor accident and after a few days no longer needed to go out every hour or so. He understands ‘Go Potty?’. He pulls when you first start a walk but then calms down and walks on a leash quite well.




He is becoming more affectionate as time passes. We found that he was curling up on the couch when we were not home so we started inviting him up and he just loves to snuggle. We just got him a couch-like bed which he thinks is wonderful.

His eyesight is incredible. He loves to watch television and instantly reacts to any animals on thescreen – even cartoon animals. He watches everything in our yard and has given the squirrels and
birds quite a workout.


We have been very impressed with our experience with Golden Bond rescue. It was very emotional to watch the process as the dogs came into the US and the volunteers brought them home.


Nancy & Hank Lanum