Hi world! My name is Zira (#3255) or “Z” or “Zee zee” as my foster fam calls me. I’m a happy-go-lucky girl that is happy to be in America. I love everything about life! I love car rides, tug-o-war, being chased, walkies, and a nice warm bed. I just want a family that loves me and makes me a part of everything they do!

I’m somewhat of a Velcro dog. I don’t get anxiety but just love being with my humans. I looooooove food and having a steady meal. My foster mom says I’m doing real well with sit and wait for my food. I’m learning stay, down and shake. I just want those treats so darn bad I sometimes have a hard time doing the command. My foster parents gush over my big red silky ears! They tell everyone how sweet and gentle I am. (Don’t tell them but I kinda like my foster brother Bart. He’s something called a cat. Who knew. I let him clean my face every morning. We snuggle too!)

I enjoy being active but I’m also good being lazy with you. My eyes are a little droopy from entropic surgery but they don’t bother me much. My foster mom worries my eyelids are dry but they don’t bother me. Oh! I didn’t mention  I love chewing on and finding the biggest sticks when we hike. Fly fishing is so fun with my foster fam!

From the fosters:  Z is the most perfect, well-mannered classy lady! She’s been good with our dog and cat as well as our neighbors. She’s met multiple kids and has been great! No bad or negative actions. She is housetrained. She peed once in our house and it was our fault for not letting her out after drinking a lot of water. She has drooping eyelids related to eye surgery. Occasionally she’ll have some eye drainage that I clean out with a q-tip. She’s very sweet and calm. She’s great with grooming. She’s a great walker. Just all around perfect. Her only one thing is that she’s a bit food obsessed. You have to keep food up. She’ll figure out how to open a cabinet. Over time with regular meals she’s gotten much better. She’d be a perfect dog to bring to work and just loves being with you. She’s going to make her forever family the happiest people!!!!

Zira was adopted on November 15, 2019

Sex: Female
Age: 5 years
Weight: 64 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: 10+
Availability: ADOPTED