We thought a lot about the kind of dog we wanted to add to our family. We were not ready to sign up again to raise a dog through the rambunctious puppy years and wanted a dog that was friendly, mellow and that had soft fur. We looked around on the internet at the various websites for those seeking a canine companion. We stumbled across the Golden Bond Rescue website and fell in love with the sweet face of Zephyr. The description sounded like a perfect match and after discussing it with other family members, all decided to move forward. Never having explored rescue adoption before, we had no idea of the careful evaluation by Golden Bond that was part of the process. We kept moving through the various steps motivated by our interest in helping a rescue. When we first met Zephyr, we thought he was a pretty cool dog and we were beyond thrilled when we heard that he would be joining us.

Since that time, Zephyr has filled a very big hole in our family left by the passing of our previous dog. Our new rescue was cautious and sometimes anxious when he first arrived, but we could see he very much wanted to please us and he has slowly blossomed into a wonderful and important member of our family. He adapted to us within a few days and has since become comfortable that this is his home, to the point of readily jumping up on couches and beds, which is fine with us. Zephyr keeps track of us as we come and go from the home and hangs out in the front window to keep a careful eye on his turf. He loves to venture out on walks and runs in any weather, gnaws on his rope toys and has worked hard to learn in dog obedience class. He is extremely attentive and curious and over time, has become more playful and affectionate. He’s been great from a house-training perspective with some funny behaviors letting us know when he needs to go out. When he is wanting to interact, he gives us a play bow or bobs his head and if that fails, butts us with his nose. He has discovered the joy of snow play and even enjoys cross country skiing with Dad.  We were amazed at the accuracy of the description of him online and feel very lucky to have ended up with such a great dog.

My name is Zephyr (#3256) and I’m searching for my new forever home. When I first came to the US, I was very timid and nervous around people. Over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable but am still getting the hang of things. I’m told that I’m the sweetest boy my foster family has met. I’m in need of a loving home!

I have a small face that looks like a Golden, a long body like a Corgi, and the softest white fur you’ll ever pet! I’m just under 30 lbs. but I’m trying to put on some more weight as the Vet said I need to bulk up a little bit.

I get along great with my foster sister – I have no territorial issues with food, toys, etc. as we’re both very submissive. I’ve met other dogs that I also really like, but I do get scared if dogs (or people) approach me suddenly. I’m still working on my confidence! I haven’t met a cat yet, but I think that I would like those too if they keep their distance.

I would love a home where someone is home most of the day. Although I don’t misbehave when I’m home alone, it’s clear that I like company because I tend to follow my people from room to room. I don’t know how to fetch and haven’t quite gotten the hang of toys yet, but sometimes I like cuddling or chewing on stuffy toys. Don’t worry, I haven’t chewed on anything else! I love walks – if I could go on a long walk every day, I would be a very happy guy! I’m great on leash and don’t pull.

I’m fairly low energy and love lounging around with my foster family. As long as I get walked and enough attention and pets, I don’t need much else.

Now a word from my foster mom:  Zephyr is a wonderfully sweet and affectionate dog. He does not have a ton of energy – he doesn’t need to run or exercise hard every day, but does need a 30 minute walk or so each day in order to sleep through the night. I think that he would do well with a house that has another dog, especially another mellow dog. He’s fairly mild-mannered, so it would be easy for him to be “pushed around” by a stronger personality. He does not seem to enjoy kibble very much, so a perfect family would be open to being more creative with different stews and cooking some of his food. While this will likely improve over time, he does get nervous with abrupt movement, so small children would not be ideal.

I’ve brought him to work and he does a great job of relaxing on his bed. He’s extremely well-behaved. It’s been fun to see his little personality come out over the past few weeks – he now does a cute hop with excitement when we come home, loves to cuddle and be pet, and sounds like he’s talking whenever he yawns!

Zephyr is being fostered in Seattle, WA.

Zephyr was adopted on December 5, 2019



Sex: Male
Age: 2 years
Weight: 30 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Mellow ones; Cats: Probably; Kids: 10+
Availability: Adoption Pending