It’s been a month now since little Zelda came into our lives.  She was being fostered in Bend, OR by an amazing family that cared for her so lovingly and we’re so happy that they felt Zelda would be happy becoming a permanent part of our family!   Zelda is the cutest little tornado ever!  She is a lovebug who loves to cuddle and loves to play.  She now has an older brother, Tucker, a 90 lbs. Golden Retriever, who she really has bonded with.  In fact, while she loves to walk forever by his side, we found that she doesn’t care to stray too far from home if her new bro is not with her.  Tucker has adjusted well too and seems happy to share his space with her.  He is getting more exercise as a result and has someone (besides us) who adores him and wants to spend time with him.  The companionship is just as we had hoped for and is truly sweet to watch.   We weren’t certain at first if our cat, Ezra, would share in our enthusiasm to have Zelda come to stay, but all has turned out well in just one, short month!  Zelda barely pays any attention to Ezra and at times we actually think that Ezra is offended by this!   Ezra has gotten over this, though, and has rejoined the family unit, including our cute new addition.

Zelda had a few resource-guarding issues when she arrived and for a short time after, but has learned very quickly that her toys are not going anywhere.  She is a quick learner and really wants to please.  This is just a little difficult for her when treats are involved because she loves them so much.  In a short period of time, though, she has learned to wait patiently.  We still affectionately call her the “tornado” when it’s breakfast or dinner time because she spins in circles at 80 mph (we clocked it) until her bowl is put down for her to devour!   We’re not certain, but we think the small taste of salmon and the hard-boiled egg we gave her as treats over the past month might have been “firsts” for her.  In any case, she’s looking forward to any other treats like this we’re willing to send her way.

Zelda is making the transition to “urbanite” quite well, enjoying her downtown Portland lifestyle.  She really enjoyed the holiday lights and loves watching all the downtown action with her brother (from a safe distance, of course).   She absolutely loved hiking at Washington Park and is the bell of the ball at her indoor/outdoor doggy daycare where she goes twice a week to run free.   Her favorite activity there is picking up the water dishes, dumping out the water, and then carrying the dish around the yard!  They love her lots, but they sure have their work cut out for them while our little tornado’s there!   We’re looking forward to lots more fun activities with her and maybe an overnight trip out to the coast soon.

We’re so happy that we decided to adopt, we’re so grateful for the experience we had in that process, and we’re tickled pink at the sweet little girl who came into our lives.

Best wishes in the new year to all the families and their new additions or to those who are in the process.  Thank you for all you do, GBR of Oregon.



Hi World!  My name is Zelda (#3249), that’s Zelda with a Z.   I’m that special dog that you all bought calendars for to help with my medical expenses.  Thank you all so much!  I guess I must have been pretty sick but I’m great now and making up for lost time.  My legs might be short, but I am mighty!

I have learned that jumping up is not nice and that counter surfing is a bad idea although my legs are really too short to allow me to reach anything.  I’m pretty darn smart and learn quickly if I do say so myself.  I really just want to be with you all day.

Walking in harness is fun and I don’t pull nearly as hard as I used to.  Not much fazes me on walks, not even that jackrabbit that ran by.  I have better things to do than chase a bunny wabbit.

I am a pocket sized Golden and cute as they come.  After eating carrot sticks for a couple of weeks, I am down 5 pounds and look so much better.  Did I say I am a blonde?  You know what they say about blondes having more fun.  That would be me!  You can brush or pet me all day long.  My coat is growing out from the clip job I got in China and wait until you see me with feathers!

Note from Zelda’s foster: Zelda is not the wild child I originally thought.  She is playful, almost puppy like but settles well.  If she gets too exuberant, she gets a time out in her crate with something to chew on and then goes to sleep.  She rides great in the car, goes right to sleep and she sleeps all night long in a crate without a peep.

She would do best in a home where she could have toys to play with since she will go looking for things to carry around like a typical golden.  My other dogs learned quickly to not take anything away from her, so I don’t allow any high value toys when she is with other dogs since she does have some issues with resource guarding.  I think it is something that can be managed and trained out of.  She gets her toys in a crate or outside when we are playing and seems pretty happy with that.

Zelda would do best crated if she was left unattended at least until she has more experience.  She rarely barks and absolutely goes still when you offer to pet her or brush her.  If she disappears in the house, I always find her underneath the rack where the leashes are, begging to go for a walk.  She is a super sweet dog with a soft style but also confident in herself.

Zelda was adopted on December 5, 2019

Sex: Female
Age: 3 years
Weight: 53 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: ADOPTED