They call me Zaria” (#3453). I am 4+ years old, spayed, and 52 pounds of sweetness.   I like to be with people almost as much as I like food, and I like food a lot! My foster dad was worried that I was so thin when I came from China, so he gives me some whole milk with my morning kibble. I like to lean against my foster dad or put a paw on his leg when he sits. He says that I am a goofy girl, and he laughs when I lie on my back with all four up in the air. I like to play with toys – squeaky ones are my favorite! I play with my foster brother Eli and my bestie, a young Husky, when we see her on walks at the park. We go to the park every day. I am not always comfortable with strange dogs until we meet properly, then I am okay.  The park has squirrels and I want to get every one of them! Foster dad doesn’t like it when I pull on the leash. He says I walk nicely on a leash when I stop pulling. Also, because of my high prey drive for squirrels, I should probably not live with a cat.  I’ve not been tested but I’m guessing they will excite me as much or more than squirrels do.

My road to becoming an American dog has been rather easy. At first everything was strange, I had three accidents in foster dad’s house before I learned this great word in English: “OUT!”  Now foster dad says “OUT!” and he opens the door to let me into the backyard and I do my business there.  After that, my foster dad started saying, “Much better!”  (He’s a bit of a work in progress, but he’s learning.)  I love it when he is in the kitchen because maybe I could possibly get something yummy. He was not happy when he caught me checking out what was on the counter though. Another English word that I discovered is important to understand is “NO!” Foster dad uses that word when I am doing something that he dosen’t want me doing. This English thing is pretty easy.

I like having a person to cuddle me and having another dog to play with is fun!

My health is good and my shots are all up to date. I am strong. I jump easily into and out of foster dad’s jeep. He and the vets were concerned about my right rear leg, so they x-rayed my hips. It was determined at some point I suffered a traumatic injury.  My leg was broken in three places. (OUCH!)   The vet said that I have a “functional limp” and no surgery is required.   What he suggests for me are good supplements and appropriate exercise.   I can do all the dog things, even easy hiking, and chasing a ball, but he doesn’t think I should be a marathon runner.  (I’m okay with that!)

Foster dad says that I am a good girl and that I really want to be a lap dog. I just love being in America and getting plenty of food and a family to love me.   Could you be that family for me???

Zaria was adopted on March 10, 2021

Sex: Female
Age: 2-5 Years
Weight: 45-65 Pounds
Availability: Now
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? no
Good with Kids? unknown