We adopted Charlie (known as Zander when we met him) the day before Thanksgiving. And boy did that give us a lot to be thankful for! Charlie came to us bearing some scars that hint at the crummy life he was leading when Golden Bond rescued him in China. He was missing some teeth and the vet says it was likely the result of him trying to escape a cage! I am sure that some of the things Charlie went through would break the best of us, but Charlie is firmly in the present. We look at him and see nothing but love and adoration and that is exactly what we intend to shower on him for the rest of his days.

He was quite hefty when we got him—with a weak immune system and a lingering urinary tract infection. We adjusted his diet, started him on vitamins, did a round of meds, and worked in lots of walks and now, eight weeks later, he is looking sleek and shiny with a healthy BMI, and just all around top notch!

A few fun things: our 74-pound sweetheart is convinced he’s a lapdog. And if he’s not flush against you at all times, he’s just not close enough! He absolutely loves to snuggle and is becoming known for giving ’the paw’ when he wants extra attention. Charlie also loves, loves, LOVES car rides. As soon as his harness is on, he scoops up his leash in his mouth and ‘walks’ himself to the door and sits there wagging his tail and wiggling with excitement. And speaking of his tail! Holy cow can he clear a coffee table! All you have to do is smile at him and it starts wagging.

It’s only been two months, but we haven’t wasted a second. We’ve taken him to the snow and the coast, and truly, watching Charlie run and play off leash is one of the most precious sights. Running around without a care in the world, but always looking back and checking in just to be sure he keeps an eye on the rest of his ‘pack’.

Honestly, we just can’t imagine our lives without him. He is family now. We try not to think about what might have happened to him because every day, Charlie teaches us that what matters is Now and to be grateful for the good stuff.

Thank you so much to the Golden Bond Rescue team for bringing our baby to us. We love him.


My name is Zander (#3264). I am a dark red Golden/Lab mix and people tell me I’m handsome. You will be happy to know I am house-trained and I understand English, though I still can’t speak it . . . yet.

I came to the States from China on October 16th.  I know “sit” and I come to my name most of the time. I am crate-trained. It doesn’t take me long to chill out after I get a chance to check in with my person when they get home from wherever it is they go.  I am also really good in the car. I don’t chew things up but I like tug-a-war.

I am good with cats. I love playing with my 1.5 old Golden foster sister; my other foster sister, the 11-year old Golden, is moody. (I was told not to take it personally.) I enjoy watching movies or just hanging out on the back porch watching the grass grow.

I should warn you that I love to cuddle. Also, I am carrying some extra weight but I’ve dropped a few pounds since moving in with my foster family.

The two things I might need to work on include walking on a leash and maybe a little less barking .  Honestly, though, I’m really not that bad about barking, unless you have no tolerance for barking at all, in which case maybe you have something to work on with me.

I’m looking forward to meeting my forever family and showing them what a good, lovable boy I am.

Zander was adopted on December 5, 2019

Sex: Male
Age: 3 years
Weight: 78 lbs.
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: Unknown
Availability: ADOPTED