Charlie (formerly know as Yuma) stole my heart at Canyon Pet Hospital in July. He was one of the several Goldens that came over from China on July 25th. He was 6 months old and skin and bones (25 pounds).

Since then, he has developed into the sweetest little boy. He’s now fully grown and a healthy 56 pound young man. He loves following around my 7 year old Basset Hound Zoey. He’s also fell in love with his balls and toys. After meals, he never fails to show his appreciation by giving a nice loud belch; it’s absolutely hilarious.


He loves going to the river and going on walks. Mainly, he just loves hanging out with Zoey and his humans. He’s such a loving dog. I couldn’t be happier.

With all that being said, not only did I receive an amazing addition to my family, the Golden Bond Staff was so unbelievable during the process. I feel truly blessed to have stumbled upon this wonderful organization.

Yuma was adopted on October 14, 2019