Archie,( formally called Yates) bonded with us the day we picked him at the Wilsonville Dog Park. Without any hesitation, he jumped into our car and his journey with us began. Daily he waits at the door to say goodbye to me in the mornings and waits for me at the gate to greet me. Such an attachment. Love him and thanks for selecting us as his parents.





My name is Yates (#3251) and I came from China in October. I was abandoned by my owner and have been dealing with a lot of changes lately so building that trust again takes time. I’m trying my very best to learn and I have to say, I think I’m getting the hang of things in this new country and I’m ready now to find my forever home.

I have to admit, I’m a big strong boy (rather good looking, don’t you think?) and sometimes it’s hard to contain my excitement. I’m very curious, want to check everything out, and I find it fun to carry things around (I’m pretty good at trading for a treat!). I love chasing tennis balls and I’ve even learned to give them back so you’ll throw them again! I like to carry sticks and rocks around and even find them fun to chew. I can keep myself busy outside in the yard, but I like to have you out there with me, too. Having a big yard to hang out in and chase tennis balls would be ideal for me.

I also like to go for walks, the more the better now that I’m in better shape (although I guess I could still stand to lose a few pounds). With the right kind of harness, I’ll walk along with you quite nicely. I am energetic and did I say I like to be outside? So someone who likes to walk, hike, throw balls, work out in the yard, etc. would be perfect for me.

I can settle nicely in the house, do very well in my crate, sleep thru the night and am very well house trained. Don’t I sound like the perfect dog? I guess I still need to work on some manners though – but maybe you can help me with that?

I get along okay with other dogs but would be best in a home as an only dog. I also like to chase cats who run so a home without cats would be best. I’m very people friendly but because of my size, strength and occasional exuberance, I’d be best in an adult-only home.

I’m a smart boy and ready to keep learning. I spent a bit of time with a trainer and she said I need consistency and a routine structured environment (whatever that is!). I love treats and she says it’s good for me to work for them although sometimes I do get distracted. Continued training, lots of engagement with my new person and I’ll be the best boy ever! I just want someone to bond with and spend time with so that I can give back my love and devotion! Are you my person??

Yates was adopted on March 16, 2020



Sex: Male
Age: 2-5 Years
Weight: 65-100 Pounds
Availability: Now
Good with Dogs? No
Good with Cats? No
Good with Kids? No