Hi!  My name is Wrigley (like the field) #2905.  I was raised by a loving family in Portland who taught me my commands, how to potty outside, and took very good care of me. Due to some mild resource guarding issues, it was decided that it was best for me not to live with small children anymore, so now I am looking for a new forever home. I am happy to report that since being in foster care I’ve only had one minor incident (more on that below) and will relinquish any toy/food/space when requested without issue.

My foster family has voted me “best all around” because I am so well behaved, get along great with everyone (humans and creatures), and because I’m so funny and charming.  I have the normal amount of puppy energy but settle down nicely after a good walk.  Speaking of walks, I go on 3 a day and have a standing play date with another young dog nearby. I really enjoy play wrestling and would like to continue socializing with other dogs in my forever home – whether that is through play dates, dog parks, or another dog in the home.

My foster brother (a cheeky Siamese cat) once got too close to my food and I lunged at him. My foster mom and the cat quickly let me know that wasn’t acceptable behavior and I haven’t done it since. (I still have suspicions that the cat was trying to instigate something!)

Lets see, what else? I love my blue chew ball and that brings me a lot of comfort.  In the evenings you can find me politely sitting next to my foster mom, quivering with excitement until she pets me. Like most Goldens, I love to put things in my mouth. If you aren’t watching carefully I’ll sneak things in there. I never hurt or destroy anything – I just like stuff in my mouth. 

I would probably do best in a home that has experience with resource guarding issues though this isn’t a deal breaker if you’re willing to work with me. 

Wrigley was adopted November 2, 2017


Sex: Male
Age: One year
Weight: 70 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: No
Availability: Now