Hi!  I’m Wren (#3219)! I came from China on June 30th and am currently living with my foster parents. I am a sweet 4-6 year old girl and I am looking for a forever home!

I don’t like to follow basic commands (sit, laydown) but I am pretty well behaved on my own. My foster parents think with some training I can get it down. My favorite thing is people, I am great with baths, perfect on the leash, and I was excellent at the vet. I also love running in circles!

I am a sensitive soul who needs to work on dealing with changes. I like getting into the car to go on an adventure but getting out scares me because I don’t know what to expect! I need a family that is very patient and has a gentle demeanor that remembers the environment I came from. I even get scared when someone pets me too aggressively and I might yelp or flinch.

I can tolerate other dogs but I don’t think that I should be in a house with them. Sometimes when they get too excited to see me I get nervous and growl at them. Same when the other dogs try to pickup a toy that I’m interested in. It’s not my fault, I like things to be slow moving around me. I get the same way when a bird flies by me or someone walks by that I didn’t know was there. I am easily spooked so my foster parents think that a calm household is the best for me.

I love soft hugs, slow pets, and to give kisses. Somewhere where humans can spend 1:1 time with me only is perfect. I will make a great addition to your home!

Wren was adopted on August 4, 2019

Sex: Female
Age: About 5 years
Weight: 62 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Probably not: Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: ADOPTED