Wren #3219

Wren (#3219) flew in from China on June 30. She is about 4-6 years old and is a little overweight.  Wren’s foster family says she is a really sweet dog. She is well-behaved in terms of walking on the leash, going in her crate, getting baths, at the vet, etc.   It has been a struggle so far for her to be with the resident dog in her foster home. She growls at him quite frequently if he gets too close to her. The other dog is very gentle, but even if he tries to slowly approach Wren, she doesn’t have it so they have been kept apart during the day when the family is gone. The foster family has been keeping toys/feeding completely separate but it’s becoming very clear that Wren is probably best suited for a one dog family.  The fosters say she’s going to be a great dog for someone who is gentle. Even if you pet her too quickly, she’ll yelp out.

Wren is being fostered in Edmonds, WA.

Sex: Female
Age: About 5 years
Weight: 62 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Probably not: Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: Around July 30, 2019