My name is  Woodrow “Woody” (#3217)  and like many of the other GBR rescue goldens, I too am from China; however, that is not what makes me special – because, special I am!

I have a big personality packed into my little body. When I arrived, I weighed 46 pounds but after a few weeks of “two-squares” and frequent treats per day, I am now more like 50 pounds, which is the perfect weight for me. If you’re a family who likes to fatten up their adopted golden, please pass me by because I don’t want to become a tubby golden.

Everyone who meets me asks, “Is he a puppy?” or “How old is your puppy?” I think they ask that because of my size and my exuberant personality. I am outgoing, fun loving, very excited when my foster parents come home, and I smile loads. I have never growled or shown my teeth to man nor beast. I’m just simply happy all the time!

There are six other dogs at my foster home and I get along with all of them. I don’t really play much with the other dogs until just recently. The other day I discovered how fun it is to play chase. When allowed to run out into the fenced pasture, I prefer to either hang with my people or snoop. I’ve been offered toys but they don’t seem to interest me either. I much prefer a stick or the roll of toilet paper. Occasionally, I snag a piece of paper off a table and shred that.

I’m required by rescue- law to tell you my good and bad traits:


I already told you that I’m happy and very good-natured, but here are a few more things: I love kids; I LOVE being petted and brushed; I am excellent in the car; I love getting baths; I like other dogs (I don’t know what a cat is but I bet I’d like those too); I am a very good eater; I sleep well in a crate or on a dog bed, either are fine by me; I have never had an accident in the house; I know my name and I am pretty good at coming when called; I sleep through the night without a peep; and I sport a Mohawk hair-do.

Bad: This is going to hurt to tell you I am not perfect. Here we go: I have been known to counter surf (he’s done it twice), I need some work when walking on a leash, I tend to pull; I have environmental allergies and I need to take Apoquel once a day (about $2 per pill); although I love going for rides, I need a boost up into the back of the Forester; when I get excited, I will try to walk between your legs while you’re walking; and I love to tear up toilet paper and other paper.

If you think I would be a good addition to your family and you will give me lots and lots of love, contact your Adoption Manager.

Woodrow was adopted on September 1, 2019

Sex: Male
Age: 3 years
Weight: 50 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Yes
Availability: ADOPTED