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I haven’t met Willow or her puppies because they are living in Harbin, which is about a two-hour flight from Beijing. I have heard that Willow will be bringing eight of her ten puppies to Beijing soon.

I’ll tell you everything I know about Willow and where she came from. Hayley is a rescuer who is living and working in Harbin, China. Behind her apartment is a meat market that specializes in golden retriever meat. She frequently passes by the market and sees goldens tied up to posts waiting (unbeknownst to them) to be butchered. The meat market owner says he gets his goldens from a breeder and likes to offer golden meat because goldens are easy to handle.


One day about 2.5 months ago, Hayley saw Willow and another golden named Sally tied at the market. She obtained them from the market and asked GBR if they would take both dogs. Sally was quickly flown to Beijing (she’s one of my friends at Under The Linden); however, the vet told Hayley that Willow was going to have puppies in a couple of weeks and could not travel. On the 4th of July, Willow had her puppies -12, sadly, two were stillborn. Not only did Hayley rescue two goldens that day from the meat market, she also rescued ten puppies!  Eight of those puppies will be flying to America like the rest of us.

Now the puppies are almost two months old and they are getting into everything. They are eating mostly solid food (Willow is relieved) and learning to chase balls.

GBR had a contest to name the babies. Here are the winning names:

Girls: Wisdom, Winnie, Whitley and Windy

Boys: Willy, Wally, Watts, and Willikers

Hard to tell which are boys and which are girls. Some are obvious and some not so much. I know four are boys and four are girls. I’ll let you decide.

Now that you’ve met the Willow Family, it’s time to move along to Holiday Shelter.

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General information about China’s Dog Meat Trade

I Want To Help Slaughterhouse Survivors: Donate Now