We were looking to adopt a second dog. Our Golden Retriever, Hollie, passed on due to cancer several months ago. Our rescue, Hank, a lab mix, was looking very depressed. We moved to Oregon from Ohio over a year ago bringing Hank and Hollie along. They were great pals. We had taken on Hollie as a puppy from a breeder. Hank came from our local Humane Society after the passing of another rescue we had owned. It became apparent to me that dogs seem to do better when they have a companion. A friend of mine told me a quote she had learned and I believe: “Every person needs a dog, and every dog needs a dog.” That may not be a direct quote, but you get the idea.

I really wanted to find a dog suitable for our Hank. Being a rescue with an unknown history, he had a few quirks.  I felt strongly about adopting a rescue dog, and I am so fortunate a coworker told me about Golden Bond. I immediately filled out the application. We met with one other dog who was wonderful, but I could tell we needed to match the right dog to our Hank. Golden Bond is so amazing at being right on top of all of the potential issues. When we went to Portland to meet a dog, they suggested we bring Hank. That was very important, as we could tell immediately what type of dog would and wouldn’t work with him. Once we made this determination, we knew what type of dog we were looking for. My husband and I determined that either we need a puppy or a much older dog.

As I was viewing the Golden Bond website, Sweet William’s bio came up.  He was only six months old, but sounded like the perfect brother for Hank. His foster mom was so generous, and drove Sweet William down from Portland, a two-hour trek. I knew immediately he was the right match. I also knew his foster mom was a bit nervous.

Sweet William, now known as Will or Willie, has been an absolute gem! I am pursuing certifying him as a therapy dog, and I believe he has the perfect temperament. He is so smart and sweet. He and Hank are very bonded and Hank serves as the “big brother” example. Hank is the alpha and Willie is fine with that arrangement.


I am absolutely thrilled with Willie, and have had a very positive experience with Golden Bond. Thank you for all that you do!

Hi Y’all!
My name is “Sweet William (#3138)“…yes, just like the flower.  Emphasis on SWEET is what my foster mom says, but she and the rest of the family just call me Willie.  Suits me just fine I say.  Honestly, for all them delicious treats, fun toys, & loving scritches, etc. I’ll come running to anything you want to call me.
Have to say sadly it wasn’t always that way.  Being just a little guy in a BIG DOG world, it was kinda scary traveling all the way from China.   So much noise, people, dogs, confusion!   Understandably I was a bit shy at first, preferring to stay in a quiet place by myself.   Soon though my foster friends were able to coax me out a bit and gradually help me learn that America is a pretty “sweet” place indeed!  Oh my! the yummy food, folks loving on me, comfy dog beds, a big yard to run in, more toys than I’ve seen in my whole life…must be doggy nirvana?
So glad I decided to come out of my shell as I’ve grown to love playing with the other house dogs here.  I like to imitate my older golden friend (sad eyes for treats anyone?) and have a ball wrestling around with my young lab buddy.  I’ve also learned what a cat is and my foster mom says I’m a good boy cuz I don’t chase them, just curious and gentle wanting to get to know them better. I’m learning new tricks too like how to sit nicely for treats and walk on a loose leash around the neighborhood.  Every day is a new adventure and this pup is loving it all!
Although I am, as my foster mom says, 99.9% perfect in every way, I do hope that my new family also understands that I am still a puppy.  I like to explore things with my mouth, so will need some more guidance on what’s ok to chew and what’s not.  I’ve gotten really good at going to the door to let everyone know it’s time for the “outdoor powder room”, but I don’t bark about it so you might need to watch for signs (sniffing) or just take me out pretty regularly until I totally get it.  I’m a super smart guy and a fast learner so will be a pro at this very soon.
So are you ready to be my loving forever family?  I sure can’t wait to meet you!
Ta ta for now,
With love & puppy kisses
Sweet William
Note from Foster Mom:  This little guy has literally stolen the hearts of everyone he’s met.  After being treated initially for Giardia and a UTI (as well as receiving a couple of good baths), he has blossomed into a happy, fluffy little puff ball.  Calm in disposition, he loves interacting with people and pets.  A regular snuggler who loves his belly rubs, then moves on to the next adventure.  He doesn’t mind being in a crate for a short while (with a kong or similar to keep him company) and will sleep there all night (or likely wherever you’d like him to sleep as he’s very adaptable that way).  Sweet William will no doubt bring many years of joy to his lucky forever home!

Sweet William was adopted on February 8, 2019

Sex: Male
Age: 6 months
Weight: 30 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: Unknown
Availability: ADOPTED