Vito #3164

My name is Vito (#3164).  I arrived in the US from China on Valentine’s Day.  My foster family says I am a bundle of love, affection and puppy energy.  I am a very sweet boy without any aggressive tendencies, but I occasionally forget my manners when I’m very excited and I become mouthy and jumpy.  With some time-outs in my crate, patience and training, I am working through this behavior, but it’s hard work.  My fosters think my energy level would make it difficult for me to be in a home with small children, but a doggy sibling or two would be a good way to keep me busy and engaged.  

I love feeding time and treats, but I’m not greedy about it.  I have gotten used to sleeping in a crate.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love going in, but will if there’s a treat involved.  Once inside, I am quiet and content with a toy or a bone.  I do well for a few hours in my crate while my humans are at work but would really thrive with less crate time.  I’d prefer to live with a work-at-home adult or an older teenager who gets home from school early.  I am housetrained, but should let you know you’ll need to take me out every two or three hours in case I get really busy and forget myself.

I love to go on walks, and do great in my new harness.  I hope you won’t mind giving me plenty of time to make new friends while we’re out.  I am VERY social and like to make friends with every dog I pass.

I love to go on car rides with my humans, especially if we end up where I can take them for a walk and introduce them to my new dog friends!

As a puppy, I am still a work in progress, but with your patient, firm guidance, I think I will make a fantastic loving addition to your family.  Try me?

Vito is being fostered in Portland, OR.

Adoption fee: $1,200 plus $35 microchip fee

Sex: Male
Age: 11 months
Weight: 72 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: 13+
Availability: Now