Hi, my name is Vince (#3545) though foster mom calls me “Vincie” and foster dad calls me “Vinnie”; I’m smart enough to know they’re calling me regardless of which name they use.  I was so lucky to be rescued from the streets of Tijuana, Mexico; it was rough not knowing when my next meal would be.  I’m 3-years old so that’s a long time to fend for myself.  Golden Bond came to the rescue and brought me to the Pacific Northwest.  It’s much colder than what I was used to but I’m adjusting quite well.
When I first came to my foster home, I gobbled up my food but now that I know I get two meals a day, I’m not in a hurry to eat.  I eat when I’m hungry.  Foster mom is happy I’ve gained three pounds so far because I was a skinny 38 pounds and she thinks I’d be perfect at 45 pounds.  I don’t counter-surf . . . it’s kind of hard when I can’t even reach the counter.  Foster mom says I’ve gotten to be a picky eater (I just know I especially like those chicken strips for treats!) but I’ll eventually eat what she gives me.  I think she’s just used to Goldens who have no manners and gobble up their food like vacuum cleaners.
I don’t look like a Golden but my mom says I have the heart of a Golden which is more important.  I think I’ve got some Labrador in me but I really have no idea.
Foster mom calls me her shadow dog because I just want to be with my human.  My favorite thing to do is curl up next to her on the sofa while she watches TV.  She says she’s not supposed to let me on the furniture but she feels sorry for me due to my early struggles in life and wants to spoil me.  I hope my next family will spoil me, too.
I’m a good dog and can walk well on a leash, something which I’m proud of considering I didn’t know what a leash was until recently.  My foster mom says I’m in need of basic obedience lessons; she’s tried to get me to sit but how can I wag my tail sitting down? (Duh!)
Foster mom says I’m still a cautious guy.  I am a little afraid of men so she assumes I must have been a bad experience in the past.  I’m starting to trust men – my foster dad is working with me and my foster family’s friends are nice to me so I guess male humans can’t all be bad.  I just need time to warm up to new people.  I’ve met some dogs on our walks around the neighborhood, they’re okay but I’d rather be with my humans than to play with the other four-legged friends.  I do like to say hello with a sniff but that’s all I need.
I sleep in a crate at night which is nice and cozy.  I also travel well in the car in my crate; my foster mom says it’s safer for me and I don’t get car-sick.
I hope there’s a special human out there who will find me adorable and want to give me a forever home.  I will be a loyal companion and will love you forever!


Sex: Male
Age: 2-5 Years
Weight: 20-45 Pounds
Availability: Adopted
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? unknown
Good with Kids? unknown