Vince has been a wonderful addition to our family and we are honored to be able to care for him. He joins me at work with my bees most weekdays and has been having fun with all of his new toys.





Hi all! Vince (#3146) here! I’d like to introduce myself. They say I’m about five years old and I’m a thin boy at about 49 pounds. I came to the USA mid-January and have been hanging out in Portland with three other doggies. They are small fluffs (all under 20 pounds), but we get along great! I am super sweet with them (even the rambunctious puppy). My foster mom tells me that I need to put on some weight (about 20 pounds–Doc says I should be closer to 70 pounds once I’m filled out), so she’s been feeding me yummy food and snacks! I am not food aggressive at all. In fact, sometimes these little dogs try to boss me around. Luckily, Mom has got my back.

When we go on walks, I don’t get into too much trouble. I rarely pull and stay next to the humans for the most part. I’m not perfect on the leash, but that’s because everything outside is so exciting! We even went to the Rose Test Garden the other day, and Mom says I was very well behaved.

I like to bark on occasion, but I am learning that barking isn’t the nicest way to get my needs known. Mom says that our forever home will need to continue to work on this and be patient with me.

I love chasing balls in the yard! I’m still working on the whole “drop” part, but I can chase balls for hours. My foster parents try to get me out in the yard a few times a day and we go for a walks, too. We go for about a mile or so, although I could keep going for longer, I bet! I have a few toys that I like to share with my puppy brother (extreme kong, a little tire toy, and some balls). I make short work of anything soft so big chewer toys would be good for me.  

I’ve been sleeping in a crate at my foster home and have gotten fairly used to it. I don’t love going in there, but I am now quiet once I’m in. I really like that I get a treat when I’m in my crate. Mom says I would probably do fine just in the house after I was more accustomed to things, but I do like to surf low tables. I could reach the counters, too, but I haven’t tried that yet. 

I know how to do all my business outside. I have been going to the back door to let the humans when I need to go out, so that’s working out pretty well. 

I’ve learned how to sit (Mom says I did this in less than a minute, and she seemed impressed) and shake. My foster parents are going to continue working on other commands, but Mom says I’m smart! With the right owner, I bet I could do all kinds of stuff!

I hope to meet my forever family soon. 🙂

Here’s a note from Mom:  Vince is really a sweet guy. He’s super goofy and gentle. At first, he was very nervous in the car, but we have taken a few rides since then and he’s learning that cars aren’t so bad. In fact, he quite enjoys them. He hops right into the back of my SUV without any help from me. As with any new pet, he will need a few days to get settled in to his new home. He was a bit bark-y at first, but this has since decreased tremendously after he’s gotten used to his new surroundings.

He does great with dogs. I have not cat tested him yet, but he hasn’t had much of a prey drive o walks. I think he would be perfect for children, but probably older kids as he does like to get very close to his humans. He does not jump much, but he’s fairly tall and I fear he would knock a toddler right over. I do not have any kids in my home to test him, however.

I think just about any family would be a good fit for Vince. He loves human attention and would thrive somewhere where he would be with his family most of the day. With that said, he does fine in his crate while we are at work. 

We are finishing up a course of meds for a UTI and Vince has already completed treatment for worms. Otherwise, he’s a healthy fella.

Vince has the funniest lips–they’re a little too fat and long and get stuck in some hilarious positions. I just love them. When we’re sitting on the couch, he likes to come over and put his head in your lap and get his ears scratched. He is going to make some family VERY happy.

Feel free to check him out on my Instagram @amandasheets for more pics. I’ll try to send some more too (my phone has been weird with email lately, so I apologize). 

Vince was adopted on February 16, 2019

Sex: Male
Age: 5 years
Weight: 49 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: ADOPTED