Well Tessie has been in Alaska for a little more than 2 weeks and is winning the hearts of all….both humans and dogs. This past week my friend Renee from Georgia has been with us and we all had great fun.  Renee helped greatly with the transition. Tessie has been exploring and laying claim to her territory and home range.

She made friends with Sarge, the large husky that was my former golden Murphy’s friend. We’ve been to the glacier; it has receded since Murphy was there first. She is now a “regular”  at Sandy Beach (the cruise ship was too big to retrieve).  And gets along with the dog friends there……She rides well in the truck….A big ++++.

I don’t know what kind of training that she received earlier, but her behavior is exceptional. She walks at heel on the leash (We’ll get too off-leash before too long), sits before supper, and is well behaved with company (of course if pats are offered she is there). But is happy to just sit or lie down. If she runs toward another dog on the beach and I call her she stops and returns—- Treats for that behavior. …

Her Vet, Dr Walker, dropped by today and met her and was indeed impressed with her.  He was rather amazed when he read that she “didn’t fit” in with the other folks. I must say that I’m glad she didn’t.  She sat through the fireworks on the deck and watched them, not a problem for her……She does not like to let me get too far out of her sight and does not like to be left alone in the house. No destructive behavior, but high anxiety. The doors have been secured because she can work the levers using both paws. The plan is to show her that I may leave for a while but will come back….She is a smart dog and will figure this out as she figures out that she “owns” the place… She seems to be pretty attached. So I don’t think that she will ask to be returned……….

As for me I am happy that she is here. Renee told me that “now I am complete”. More adventures later, We’re having fun.

Meet beautiful redhead Ursa (#3151).  Ursa’s friends all call her Tessie. Upon her arrival from China, Tessie was adopted by a wonderful family but they felt it was in her best interest to return her to Golden Bond Rescue to work on some behavior issues. She is now living with a foster family and is learning many new things. With the right family, lots of love and behavior modification therapy, this gorgeous girl will be the perfect fit for some lucky family.

Ursa was adopted on June 23, 2019


Sex: Female
Age: 1 1/2 years
Weight: 45 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: ADOPTED