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Of all the places in China, where the 21 of us at UTL could have landed, this is the best. We each get our own separate kennel which has an indoor area and an outside kennel. Surrounding the kennels are fenced exercise areas where we get to run a couple times a day.

The 21 of us here were not rescued all from the same nightmare by the same Chinese rescuer; however, we all have pretty much the same story.  We were once family pets and were stolen from our yards or off the street, then sold to slaughterhouses or meat markets. When we were rescued, we were all in pretty bad condition. In those places, you don’t get much food and many times no water unless it rains. We  were all skinny from lack of  food and our fur was matted and caked with mud and poop. All of us were covered in fleas and mites. Most of us had pretty bad ear infections, too. Dogs of all breeds were there and after a short time, we all begin to retreat into our own heads to try to avoid how scary it was. The barking was constant and the humans who “cared” for us were cruel and hurt us with sticks and wire.

But life is good for us now as we wait for GBR to come fly us to our forever homes. These are my fellow UTLer’s: Gunther, Gypsy, Ira, Ingmar, Ishmael, Ian, Isabella, Jan, Jude, Juan, Junior, James, Jonesy, June, Jewel, Jeeves, Jimmy, Jenny, Sally and Bob. We all range in ages from 6 months old (Gypsy) to around 6 years.

Upper left corner reading left to right: Gunther, Gypsy, Ingmar, Jimmy, Ira, Isabella, Ishmael, Jan, James, Juan, Jude and Sally


I know all of them really well and know their favorite things to do. We all love to swim, run after balls, snuggle up to our UTL caretakers, eat as much as they’ll give us, sleep, wrestle, and chew on sticks. I’m anxious to find out how different we are from American goldens. Do you think they like to do any of these things?




Upper left reading left to right: Ian, Jeeves, Jenny, Jewel, Junior, June, Jonesy and Bob

Here’s a little video of us playing. Watch for me! UTL Video

Now that you’ve met my UTL Buds, it’s time for us to move on and meet Willow and the puppies. Stay close, I don’t want you to get lost. Follow me and heel!

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I Want To Help Slaughterhouse Survivors: Donate Now