Hi! My name is Ulysses (#3187) I arrived here from China on April 14th.  Life has been a wonderful adventure every day since!  I was so happy to meet people that would give me love and affection.  There are so many fun things I get to enjoy now.  My favorite thing is going for a good walk and smelling everything, but my other favorite thing is chasing balls, and I even bring them back to my foster mom part of the time.  Oh, and then there’s riding in the car, . . that’s fun!  I have a Golden foster brother that is an older guy, but he plays with me and I love that too.  It’s great to have a big brother.

I was a little unclear on bathroom rules when I first arrived, but now I understand where I need to go. My Golden foster brother taught me how to use the dog door, so now I just take myself outside when nature calls.  My foster mom says she’s really proud of me for that.  I don’t like to brag about myself, but my foster mom says I am really a handsome boy, and very lovable and happy.  She’s says I’m just about the perfect Golden.  I don’t know what that means for sure, but I really am happy!  I smile a lot.  I’m learning good manners too.  I did jump up a lot when I first arrived, because I wanted to tell everyone hi, and I was so excited to be here.  We’ve worked on that and I don’t jump as much now, but every once in awhile I forget to keep all four on the floor.  I can sit really nicely too, especially if I’m getting a treat.  I’m learning how to lay down, when I’m told, and we’re working on stay.  My foster mom says some of my manners are a work in progress, but she says I’m doing really well.   Sometimes, when we go on walks, I pull on my leash, but I’m getting better at that too.

My foster mom wants you to know that I’m a handsome boy between 1 and 2 years old, and I weigh about 54 lbs.  She says I’m a bundle of love who wants to soak up all the affection I can get.  I like to follow foster mom around the house sometimes, but I’m not really a velcro dog, just want to keep track of where she is.  I want her to know I love her too, so when she’s sitting on the couch, sometimes I go over and put my paw on her knee and just sit there and gaze at her with my big brown eyes.  I love meeting other dogs, people, and kids when we go out on walks.  I was at a big event where there were tons of people and other dogs and I loved every minute of it.   I really need exercise because I’m a young, energetic guy.  But if I get walks and can play a little ball, I will just lay down and chill out.  I’m not a constant ball of bouncy energy.  

I would probably be most happy in a home with another dog and people that will love me and take me on fun outings, like walking, hiking, or whatever activity is available.  If there isn’t another dog in my new home, I’ll be fine.  I just want to get lots of love and have a safe, happy home.

Ulysses was adopted on May 28, 2019

Sex: Male
Age: 2 years
Weight: 54 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: Unknown
Availability: ADOPTED