Hello all,

My name is Unity (#3184). It’s a good name I think, as though I hail from the “Far East”, I represent all that is good, sweet and loving in us “older goldies” around the world.

Yes, I may be 9 years of age, but do have the heart of a pup in many ways. I still enjoy a good walk or two a day, will lovingly bring a ball to you for play, anything small & fuzzy is fair game for a good chase (unfortunately including cats, so my foster mom says my forever home must be a cat-free zone…can’t blame a girl for trying!)

Age aside, I’ve got a lot of great things going for me. I love people of all ages and will gently offer a paw while I nuzzle my sweet, white face on your lap, just waiting for those pets/scritchies I so enjoy! I’m friendly with other large easy-going dogs and have had fun playing with the house dogs here. Not too sure about the small poochies yet (sometimes I think they remind me of a cat!…still learning there). I absolutely love to travel and will hop in the car for any adventure you’d like to take me on. I sleep well at night in my crate and will take short naps there in the day too. Am pretty good about going to the door for potty requests, but not one to make a big fuss/bark, so watch me for the signs (sniffing), take me out regularly, and that’ll go just fine too!

As the saying goes for people I believe, so is the same for us goldens. We’re not getting older, just getting better. My life to this point hasn’t been the easiest for sure, but would you consider giving this super sweet, older lady another chance at a warm, loving home to live out her “retirement years”?

Note from foster mom: Unity is such a sweet, gentle soul. Initially came to us pretty sad and skinny along with much worry about when her next meal would come (counter surfing, gobbling, bowl guarding). This behavior has calmed down a lot as she’s been with us and learned to trust.  I believe she would most enjoy being an “only dog” as she loves being the center of attention (will gently nudge her way in-between you and another dog receiving love).  Older, easy-going dog siblings could work too as she builds trust and settles in though. This girl will be a very loyal, loving, low-maintenance companion for her lucky forever home!

Unity was adopted on May 28, 2019


Sex: Female
Age: 9 years
Weight: 58 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Some ; Cats: No; Kids: Unknown
Availability: Now