When we lost our beloved Bella to cancer we were heart broken, but after some time had passed we knew we had to adopt another golden and we couldn’t have come to a better place than Golden Bond. When we saw that a group of dogs was arriving we immediately picked Twinkle through the First to Adopt program.

Once she arrived we knew right away that she was a perfect fit for us. She is sweet, silly and loves attention and holding hands.

Twinkle was exhausted from the long trip and slept a lot for the first few days, but right from the start she has seemed comfortable and happy to be with us. We have three cats in our home and luckily Twinkle is great with them. Twinkle also has a doggie friend named Bones. They put on quite a show when they play together in the back yard.

She is highly food motivated and will eat anything and everything if she finds an opportunity so we do have to try to stay one step ahead of her and be very careful when cooking with any not safe for dogs ingredients. We haven’t had to change any meal plans yet but have had a couple of times had to pull out extra ingredients due to counter surfing. She is training us and I think we are learning.

We like to walk and Twinkle has quickly gone from pulling us in all directions to doing great on a leash. We are still working on self control when chaseable animals come into view. So far she has mastered ignoring geese and ducks, she is doing better around bunnies and we still need to work on squirrels. She likes to roll in wet grass so no walk is complete unless she has done her rolls.

Twinkle loves to ride in the car. She likes it so much that she sometimes refuses to get out (or maybe she is just training us to give her more treats because that always gets her moving).

We love every minute with our new dog even when she is being a handful and we feel so lucky to have her.

Twinkle was adopted on March 5, 2019