My name is Tucker and here’s my story. It’s not nearly as scary and sad as some of my GBR doggie counterparts though.   I was lucky that I had a good family who loved me for 6 years of my life.  I’m not really sure what happened but one day we moved and I had to become an outside dog and sleep in the garage.   This caused me to become very anxious and I was getting into some trouble and not very happy.    Next thing I knew a nice lady from GBR came out to meet me. My first mom had called them because she knew I needed something different to be a happy dog.  I’m so glad she loved me enough to make that call.

Within a few days I was traveling down the freeway to meet my new foster to adopt family.   Once I got to their house I was met by the resident Golden Retriever and a big tall grown boy.   I quickly assessed the situation and knew that boy was going to be my forever person. He already loved me so much and had bought me some toys of my very own.  The Golden girl was interesting to me too but she was not all in with me being in her space at first.  She eventually decided I needed a friend I guess and one day she brought me one of her bones.  My foster mom said that was a first and only time she’d ever seen that as my foster sister is a bit of an Alpha dog and she does not like to share.

I had some issues for a few months and it was a pretty rough road to find my happy place but my foster mom worked really hard with the help of the GBR volunteers and my vet to figure out what I needed.   They never gave up on me, even when they were sure I needed something more than they could give me.   My foster mom loved me a lot, that grown up boy loved me a lot and more important than that….the Golden Girl loved me the most.   We became fast friends and she is so patient with me, and I do not challenge her.  She gets what she wants, which then means so do I.   HA!  (I think I played that pretty smart from the beginning).

Today I have gained some much needed weight, I have gotten a whole lot of hair that is very soft and shiny and I don’t have to live outside.   I sleep with my boy in his bed most of the time, and if he’s gone I get to sleep with my new mom and golden sister.   My anxiety is under control with some medication and retraining and I am a very happy and peaceful dog.   I want to thank my first mom for knowing I needed a different life and loving me enough to let me go.   I also want to thank the GBR folks for rescuing me and making sure I had a safe place to go right away and of course my new family who loves me so much.

Tucker was adopted on October 3, 2016