Meet Trixie (#3196), a Golden Retriever who arrived from China on May.  Trixie is believed to be 5 to 6 years of age.  It is tough to tell her color as she has been shaved, even her ears!  But Trixie is an example of beauty is on the inside.  (Who cares about her outside?!)  She was shaved in China because she has a skin issue.  She is now being bathed twice a week with Malaseb shampoo.  Her thyroid is low at 0.9 (reference range 1.0 to 4.0) so she is on Thyroxine 0.5 mg.  The Thyroxine could with help with her skin as well.  She is also on Bravecto for her skin.

Trixie’s teeth were in very bad shape so she had dental work done when she arrived in the U.S.   She had 11 extractions and her teeth cleaned and polished.  (With 11 teeth out it took less time to clean and polish – always a positive side to everything!)

Trixie’s foster family reports that she is a dream girl.  She has fallen hard for her foster dad and follows him everywhere.  She is definitely a Velcro dog, loves the soft bed in the crate they set up for her, and is doing well with all their dogs.  She is very itchy so has been sporting a fashionable cone when not supervised.   Trixie is a delightful little girl for sure.

Notes from Trixie’s foster family:

While in China with hair.

5/14/19: Trixie has been with us now for a week and is doing very well. She arrived with a slight case of kennel cough which is working its way through her system. Nothing serious at this point, just some mild coughing. We’ve been keeping her quiet and warm so the coughing stays minimal. Before flying to Oregon, Trixie was sent to a vet in Beijing to begin treatment for mange. Once with us, she continues her treatment which consists of twice weekly baths with a medicated shampoo and a dose of Bravecto. Trixie is very itchy so we keep a cone on her when unsupervised. We don’t know if her itchiness is an environmental allergy or related to the mange.

Unfortunately, part of the treatment (at least in China) is to shave almost every hair off her body. When she arrived in Seattle, the only hair on her was a bit on the top of her head – even her ears were shaved! The weather in Seattle, thankfully, was very warm; however, the weather in Oregon has turned cool. Now we’re looking for a coat to keep her warm at night. She seems to enjoy being wrapped in a blanket too.

What’s her personality you ask? She is incredibly sweet and gentle. She will come to us and jump up with her front feet on our legs; however, she does is so gently her jumping up wouldn’t even knock down a small child. She loves treats and takes those gently from our fingers. At her foster home there are many other dogs of various sizes and temperaments and she gets along with all of them. This may change over time and she’s had time to adjust and find her place in the “pack” but for now, she’s fine with the other dogs. Oh and her tail never stops wagging.

In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be introducing her to children and may a cat or two. Updates to follow…

Trixie was adopted on June 23, 2019

Sex: Female
Age: 5 -6 years
Weight: 55 pounds
Attributes: Dogs:Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: ADOPTED